• Appreciated

  •  Application:  I am most impressed with Jacob's reaction.  It must be difficult to let his youngest son leave, but what really caught my attention was all that he sent to purchase more grain.  He knew that the first grain purchased was not legitimately paid for, since the money was found in their sacks.  Jacob could have counted it as good fortune that his money was returned to him, even if it were by mistake.  Instead, he made sure his sons returned the money, and took extra money to buy more food, with gifts besides.  Jacob was not out to swindle anyone.  If I am in a similar situation, what would I do?  If I'm accidentally given extra change at the store, do I return it or keep it because it wasn't my mistake?  Honesty goes beyond not telling lies.  It means correcting errors, even those made unwittingly.

    Prayer:  Father, I want to be a person of integrity, like Jacob was.  It's not enough for me to be honest in what is seen, but I must also be honest in what is only seen by You.  Do not allow me to be tempted into dishonesty, which would dishonor You.  I know that honesty is extremely important to You, that You despise lies and deceit.  Help me to be a woman that hates them as You do.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

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