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    FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

    Genesis 33

    Scripture:  Genesis chapter 33

    Observation:  The moment of truth has arrived.  Esau is coming, and there are 400 men with him.  He kept his wives and children behind him, and bowed seven times before reaching his brother.  However, he didn't get the reception he'd expected.  Instead, Esau ran to him, embraced him and they both wept together.  Esau was not the same man Jacob had left 20 years before; he didn't want the gifts sent to him because he didn't need them, and was just happy to see his brother and meet the family.  Esau asked Jacob to travel with him to Seir, but Jacob used the excuse that his livestock and children would travel slowly and sent Esau ahead.  Jacob himself went to Shechem in Canaan and purchased land there, and built an altar.

    Application:  God was faithful in protecting Jacob.  He obeyed the Lord when he was told to go back home, and was blessed for his obedience.  Had Jacob, in fear, not gone back, he would have missed out on reconciling with his brother and would have lived in constant fear, not knowing if his brother planned to come after him.  Obedience to God sets us free from fear.

    Prayer:  Lord, Your Word is truth and truth sets us free.  Obedience to Your truth is what sets us free.  If I obey Your commands then I have no fear, because I have Your blessing.  Remind me always that obedience isn't constricting, it is freeing.  I want to always experience that freedom in You.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

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