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    Don't Forget Your Loyal Customers

    Once you have customers you need to keep them. One way to do this is to keep in contact with them. Talk to them, ask how they are doing, listen to what they are talking about, this may give you clues to things they need, offer them discounts on future purchases. Many businesses only offer discounts to new customers which if you notice by the comments many people make online regular customers feel this is very unfair. Your loyal return customers deserve discounts and rewards too. If you don't offer these to them they could be lured away by another company offering them.

    Keep Track of Services Related to the One's You Offer

    Find out what other services, products, and even videos related to the one's you offer which are being offered by other businesses, even if they are services that your company does not currently offer or does not plan to offer. Check out the customer reviews on these products and services and keep a handy list available on your computer of the companies and products with the best customer reviews. This list can come in very handy in several ways. One important way is that if your customer needs a product or service you do not currently offer you can still help them by telling them which product, company is most reputable, or video which has the information they are needing. Not only does this build trust in your customer base but it also helps you develop friendly relationships with other business owners and website owners who will appreciate you sending them business, usually by sending you clients in return for products and services you offer that they do not. 

    Send a Free Product Sample to Popular Websites

    You can get lots of free advertisement by sending a free product sample to a popular website. Contact them and ask them if they could do a product review for you on their website or blog. Let them know you are sending them a free sample. If they like your product they will publish it on their site and all of their viewers will see it. This gives you more credibility, more brand recognition, and more business, which means more profits.

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