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  •  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2012

    Genesis 44

    Scripture: Genesis 44:18-34

    Observation: Judah, Jacob's fourth son, comes forward in defense of his youngest brother Benjamin. He explains that it was with difficulty that they'd been able to bring Benjamin to Egypt at all, since their father did not want them to take him. If they return to Canaan without their brother, their father will surely die. Judah had promised Jacob that he would bring Benjamin back, and now he presents himself to Joseph as a slave to him in his youngest brother's place, to keep his father from suffering to his death.

    Application: It's no wonder that Jesus descended from the tribe of Judah, as we see Judah being the intercessor now between Joseph (whom he doesn't know as his brother) and Benjamin. Judah promised himself as surety for his brother, just as Jesus is surety for all who accept Him as their Savior. It was a hard lesson Judah had to learn, but his repentance for the pain he caused his father is clear in his defense of his brother. I too, have had hard lessons to learn in life, but I'm thankful for my Intercessor, my Mediator between myself and my Father.

    Prayer: Lord, I am grateful to You because you gave Yourself as surety for me. You paid the price for my sins, a gift of which I am completely undeserving, but because of Your great love for me and for Our Father in heaven You gave Your life in exchange for mine. I'm humbled by Your mercy; that You, a righteous God, should die for me, a sinner, is something I cannot understand, but something for which I will be eternally thankful. I am glad to be in Your debt, because I know You love me more than I even love myself. I am safe in Your holy arms. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

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