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  •  MONDAY, AUGUST 6, 2012

    Genesis 39

    Scripture: Genesis chapter 39

    Observation: Joseph is taken to Egypt and is sold to Potiphar, the captain of the guard. Joseph does exceptionally well with Potiphar; the Lord blesses him and he is put in charge of Potiphar's household. There's just one problem: Joseph, a strong, handsome young man, is noticed by Potiphar's wife, who lusts after him and tries day and night to induce Joseph to have an affair with her. Joseph refuses; he knows it would be a sin against both God and his master. Mrs. Potiphar is unrelenting, and she waits for a moment when no one is around to grab Joseph and pleads that he sleep with her. Joseph realizes the precarious situation he's in, and runs away, leaving Mrs. Potiphar with his outer garment in her hand. Mrs. Potiphar uses this to claim that it was Joseph who tried to rape her, and the only reason he ran was because she screamed. Potiphar is angered, but rather than have him killed he has Joseph thrown into prison. Even in prison, though, the Lord is with Joseph, and the prison keeper puts Joseph in charge.

    Application: Being a follower of the Lord does not guarantee that bad things won't happen. Joseph did everything right: he was a faithful servant to his master, did his work to the best of his ability, and kept as far away as possible from his master's wife, yet he is wrongfully accused of trying to seduce her and lands in prison. Did this mean that God had abandoned Joseph? Not at all! God was still with Joseph and blessed everything Joseph did, even in prison. When things seem to be going in the wrong direction, remember that God is right by our side; He promised never to leave us nor forsake us (Heb. 13:5-6).

    Prayer: Heavenly Father, what a joy to know that even in my darkest hours, and especially at those moments, I am not alone. You are always with me. When the enemy brings evil into our lives, You take that evil and turn it around to use for good. Nothing is outside of Your reach, and there is nothing You can't handle. I am to be still and know that You are God, and I have nothing to fear. Thank You Father for taking care of me and giving me this security. In Jesus' precious Name I pray, Amen.

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