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  •  FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2012

    Genesis 44

    Scripture: Genesis 44:1-17

    Observation: After their meal, Joseph instructs his stewards to fill his brother's sacks with grain and once again to return their money to them. He also tells them to put his silver cup in Benjamin's sack. They were allowed to leave the next day. Once they'd left the city, Joseph sent his steward after them, accusing them of stealing his silver cup and returning evil for good. When the steward overtakes them and accuses them, they vehemently deny having done any wrong. They are so sure of their innocence they proclaim that if the cup is found on any of them, that brother should die or become a slave. The steward accepts, and proceeds to check each sack. Lo and behold, the cup is found in Benjamin's sack, and the youngest brother is taken as a slave, but his brothers tear their clothes and return with Benjamin and the steward. Joseph then accuses them, and Judah states that they will all stay as slaves, since God has found out their iniquity. Joseph, however, states that only Benjamin need stay on as slave. The rest may leave in peace.

    Application: Joseph was testing his brothers. He wanted to see if they still hated Rachel's sons, or if they had changed. Our faith also is tested in our circumstances and by those around us. How will I fare? Will I trust in the Lord and do what is right? Or will I succumb and compromise my beliefs out of fear? Let it not be so! Jesus was faithful in giving His life to pay for my sins. How can I be ungrateful for that gift of salvation? My trust must always be in Him alone.

    Prayer: That is my prayer Father, that my faith be found strong in You, that I not trust in myself but believe entirely in Your truth, Your mercy and grace, and in Your Words which You have spoken. Let me not fear men Lord, but give me a boldness to speak Your truth in all situations, never faltering or wavering. May my heart be blameless regarding Your statutes, that I may not be ashamed (Psalm 119:80). In Jesus' name, Amen.

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