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  •  TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2012

    Genesis 45

    Scripture: Genesis 45:1-15

    Observation: Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers. He explains the reason God sent him to Egypt was to save the people, and therefore they mustn't be afraid. God had a purpose for Joseph, and He worked everything for good. He tells them they must go to their father and bring him to Egypt along with their entire family, and reside in the land of Goshen. He tells them to tell Jacob about all that has happened and all the good that has come out of his being in Egypt. Then he throws his arms around his brothers and kisses them, and especially weeps over Benjamin.

    Application: Again we see a similarity with Joseph's life and Jesus's. Just as Joseph was sent to Egypt to do a task necessary to keep the people alive, Jesus was sent to earth to do an even greater task: give His life as a ransom for all mankind. It may have seemed to the disciples that all their hopes were shattered when Jesus hung on the cross, but it was exactly the opposite. Jesus' death promised life to His disciples, and to us today, if we choose to accept His gift of salvation.

    Prayer: And what a wonderful gift You have given us Father! Just as Joseph's life must have seemed like a failure to those around him, Jesus' death must have seemed like a failure to His disciples, yet in both cases You turned what was bad into something great! Joseph was used by You to save the people of his time from the famine, and Jesus saved us from eternal damnation by taking our place on the cross. Thank You Lord for this most magnificent gift! Let me never forget what a huge sacrifice was made for me. In Christ Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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