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    Genesis 43

    Scripture: Genesis 43:18-34

    Observation: As Joseph's brothers are led into the house, they begin to speculate as to why they're getting this special attention. They assume it's because of the money that was returned to them in their sacks the first time they came to buy food. At the first opportunity they tell Joseph's steward what had happened, and inform him that they've brought the money back, but the steward tells them not to worry, and gives the credit to God for them getting their money back. The brothers are given water to wash their feet, food for their donkeys, and made ready to have lunch with Joseph. When Joseph arrives, the brothers hand him the gifts they brought, bowing before him. He asks after their father, then sees Benjamin. He is so overcome with emotion that he has to leave in order that his brothers don't see him break down and weep. Once he's composed himself, he returns and sits down to eat with the men, but he makes sure Benjamin is served five times more than the rest. They all eat and drink, and are merry.

    Application: Joseph wanted to see how differently his brothers would treat his younger brother. He remembered how jealous they had been of him, so he had lots of food given to Benjamin and watched his brother's reactions. They'd learned their lesson: to be content. That is a lesson the Lord teaches me daily. Be happy with what I have; after all, everything I have is a blessing from God. To be discontent is to tell God we're not grateful, something He surely does not deserve.

    Prayer: Father, Your generosity is beyond words. Everything I have is actually Yours, and You graciously provide me and my family with everything we could possibly need. We have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, food in our pantry, transportation, beds, all the things needed to live, but if that weren't enough, You also give us things that are wants because You love us and want to see us enjoy our lives. How can I possibly not be completely content with all You've blessed me with? Yet at times I ask for more and get upset when You say no. Lord, I am undeserving of Your generous provisions. Help me to be grateful for all You do. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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