WHO GODSTARTER READERS ASSOCIATION (GRA) ARE: Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) is a set of organized men and women who are dedicated to God in everything they do in life. Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) came out as a result of www.godstater.org.ng we are professionals making business work all over Africa with the power and understanding of God. we desire that all the believer’s who read our blog, are to come together and reason together, to help God’s children be able to make decisions that will not only affect their business and life but the way they worship God. We want all of God’s children to find this website a place to learn new things, come together and help each other. 

    GODSTARTER is everything you need to start and grow a business in Africa, and the whole world for God. Godstarter has moved from Godpreneur to Godstarter. Godstarter is a business, success, life, and inspiration blog that is geared towards helping mankind, work, do, business, live a better life, and life fulfillment starting with God. In Godstarter everything that we do starts and ends with God.

    OUR IDENTIY: We are a leading source of knowledge for all; believer’s in God. This believer’s in Christ followers are guided to prosper in their business, make trust worthy connections, serve people with excellence, and maximize our God-given potentials in Africa and the whole world.

    OUR PURPOSE: To enable you get everything you need to become thoroughly equipped, well connections, and fully empowered to serve people, and to represent God with integrity and excellence in every place.

    OUR MISSION: To provide you with valuable resources, networking opportunities, God-class and empower you to fulfill your calling and maximize your impact in the market place

    OUR VISSION: To be the leading source of valuable resource provider, to not only Christian Community, Professional, who needs to excel in business, work and life and ministry, who are known to be trust worthy in character, professional, in conduct, faithful in commitments, exceptional in service, and loyal to God and to humanity.

    If you have read the mission, vision, purpose of the GODSTARTER, you will know where Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) will take us to. We want to provide for each other expert advice from God on how to do business God’s way. We readers of Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) want to be there for each other.


    A network consist of two or more peoples that are linked in other to share resources, (such as provided articles, books, and activities that godstarter.org.ng provides. Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) is a network of God’s people who are motivated to success because we have worked for each other and keep providing services and knowledge that will help all in Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) and beyond.

    This network will see that: all the readers of this great blog are well taken care of. Look after the readers and provide access to which they can meet each other. Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) network will see to the sharing of information among its members.

    We will help each other in times of crisis, no matter the country you are and need to come to Nigeria, we will invite you and take care of you because members made it possible. PHONE NUMBER: +234(0)8068488422


    NOW SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE: Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) write. We desire that you write your experiences in the business worldin Africa and the whole world. If you read about godstarter, you would know why I started this mediuim. If you write new or old articles, you would send it this email: ovemnO@gmail.com there would be interviews that we will publish in this section and soon the interview may be you.


    The first statement we make here is to tell you what we need fund for….

    1. Pay those who write for us a premium for their hard work.

    2. Pay salary for five workers in the Godstarter Office, whose salary will take two million naira yearly.

    3. To get megabytes for the daily stay online of www.Godstarter.org.ng and self host it if possible.

    4. Get an office mini library for Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) members.

    5. Pay Godstarter office if possible and when due. We desire a two room flat in the heart of Onitsha as office, for we shall use the one space as teaching class, and another as business center and then my office and we can grow up a thousand seat capacity hall, with two mini halls for training classes for senior and junior members of Godstarter Readers Association (GRA). Our high target will take 800,000 members who pay their yearly dues of 2,000 or 50 dollar equivalent.

    6. We need to hold a write and win business funding for all, especially for the youths. We are expecting at least 500,000 writers. This participation is not for members only. It is made for the creative youths. In the end we shall pick six winners who are not our member and four people who are our member and finance them with five hundred thousand naira each, every year. Such participation will go on with our conference which will happen every July one, which is the day JLC MEDIA was incorporated, signed and granted permissions to become a full fledged office and business in Nigeria. 

    7. We desire to serve the country of Nigerian and beyond our GODSTARTE PAPER, we wish that it would not be costly even for a secondary school student who has the spirit of entrepreneurship to read and learn. We wish to publish reach Nigeria with a 500 x 20 state publication each month totaling 10,000 papers monthly and 120,000 papers sold yearly. Note: we sell online too but after every five months a whole month publication will be offered free for all to read. So we spending for this 24 page paper wrapped in waterproof, 1 million naira for ten thousand papers and 12 million naira to be spent each year.

    8. If we can do all these, we can then help those in the hospital, those in the crisis land, those who are poverty and needed help, those who needs Jesus through evangelism, those in the refugee camp, those who wish to resettle in Nigeria, those who wish to learn a handwork and more through your massive donations made to God and to humanity.

    If all these needs appealed to you, you would not be forced to:

    1. Be a member of Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) and pay your yearly dues of 2,000 or 50 dollar equivalent.

    2. Or willingly by grace of God donate to yearly dues of 2,000 or 50 dollar equivalent. You can donate to Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) used equipments such as computers, laptops, printers, used wears, and other things that might help our readers, the sum of 1,000 naira or 10 dollar yearly. Remember with just donation you are not a member of Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) but if your gifts to Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) worth making you a member we will evaluate, and send to you your online ready to download jpg certificate that you will frame and display that you are a member of Godstarter Readers Association (GRA). 

    3. We can make a free honorary member if you can write an article every week and keep up to it, every week and summit 5o articles yearly to us through our email, ovemn0@gmail.com. And read at www.godstarter.org.ng

    Godstarter Readers Association (GRA) contact:

    LOCATION: Onitsha, Anambra State.

    COUNTRY: Nigeria 

    PHONE NUMBER: +234(0)8068488422

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