• Godstarter

    Supporting parishes to develop children’s faith 

    GodStart is a faith development program that provides resources for parents to help teach their children about the love of God. Parishes purchase and distribute GodStart resources to young families in their community to help them develop their children’s faith from an early age.

    How does the program work?

    A child’s baptism is a chance to welcome parents to a parish community. Parishes can use GodStart to continue this connection with young families and offer them continued support and companionship as their children learn and grow.

    The program encourages parishes to take an active role in supporting parents to play with their children and build their trust.

    When children learn to trust their parents and themselves, they have a foundation for trusting a loving God. 



    What resources are included?

    • Card kit: includes a set of birthday and activity cards and a small prayer book
    • Prayer book: this makes a beautiful gift for information and orientation days, open days, First Communions, or from school buddies to new prep students
    • Prayer cards

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