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  •  JEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 2012

    Genesis 37

    Scripture:  Genesis 37:12-36

    Observation:  Jacob sends Joseph to spy on his brothers, who are supposed to be in Shechem pasturing their father's flocks.  Joseph goes looking for them and finds out they'd gone to Dothan instead.  When the brothers see Joseph coming, they plot to kill him, but the oldest, Reuben, convinces then to just throw Joseph into a pit.  His intention is to come back for him later and rescue him.  The brothers agree, but when they see the Ishmaelite's caravan go by, Judah decides it would benefit them more to sell Joseph as a slave.  The others agree, and when the Midianites go by they pull Joseph out and sell him into slavery.  Reuben wasn't with them; when he returned to help his brother he realized what had happened and tore his clothes.  They all decide to deceive their father, and taking Joseph's coat, they dip it in goat's blood and tell Jacob that they'd found the coat in this condition.  Jacob is convinced a wild animal attacked and killed his son, and his is beyond consolation.

    Application:  Here again we see a parenting flaw.  Jacob must have known his older son's hatred for Joseph, yet he sends Joseph to spy on his brothers.  This could only bring more animosity and hatred.  It would have been wiser for Jacob to find ways for his sons to love each other instead of feeding into their hatred.  Reuben had better intentions than his brothers; at least he realized that killing his brother would have been terribly wrong, no matter how much they hated him.  Still, he didn't stand up to his brothers and tell them this.  Instead he tried to please his brothers by throwing Joseph into the pit, believing all along that he'd save Joseph and everything would be alright.  This plan backfired.  Had he stood up for what was right this situation could have been avoided.

    Prayer:  Father, many times it's easier to go with the flow and not cause waves.  Now, though, I see how this made matters worse, and caused so much pain and grief.  Give me the courage to stand up for what is right with my children, with my friends, with my family.  Even when the truth and righteousness are not the popular road, keep me on it, that I may set the right example for those around me and bring glory to Your Name.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

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