• It is to us God has revealed them
  •  Friday, April 30

    It is to us God has revealed them

    .​— 1 Cor. 2:10 .

    Perhaps you are wondering if you have been anointed by holy spirit. If so, think about these important questions: Do you have a burning desire to do Jehovah’s will? Do you feel that you are especially zealous in the preaching work? Are you a keen student of God’s Word who loves to learn about “the deep things of God”? Do you feel that Jehovah has given you wonderful results in the preaching work? Do you have a deep inner feeling of responsibility to help others spiritually? Have you seen proof that Jehovah has helped you in many specific ways in your life? If you answer these questions with a resounding yes, does this prove that you now have the heavenly calling? No, it does not. Why not? Because all of God’s servants can feel this way. In fact, if you are wondering whether you have been anointed by holy spirit, such doubt in itself would mean that you have not been. Those called by Jehovah do not wonder whether they have been anointed or not! They know! w20.01 23 ¶14

    Examining the Scriptures Daily—2021

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