DAILY READING; 2 Corinthians 1:1-2:4; 2 Kings 14; Micah 4:1-5:1

Westminster Abbey in London is renowned, because in it rests the bodies of English nobles and notables. Buried at Westminster Abbey are 30 English kings and queens starting with King Edward the Confessor whose magnificent shrine stands just behind the High Altar.
Similarly Arlington cemetery in Washington, D.C., is revered, for it is the honored resting place of many outstanding Americans, including some American Presidents. .
The pyramids of Egypt are famous because they contained the mummified bodies of ancient Egyptian kings.

However, the most notable burial place of all is a Garden Tomb, located outside the walls of Jerusalem. This tomb is famous not because of who is buried within, but because it is empty!
The Garden Tomb is historically believed to be the possible location for the burial and resurrection of Christ Jesus.
In the Gospels we read that “at the place where Jesus was crucified there was a garden, and in the garden a new tomb in which no-one had ever been laid” (John 19:41).
Archeological evidence, including an ancient winepress, suggests the Garden tomb is the one described in the Gospels.

According to the Scriptures, Jesus was crucified in a place named “the Skull” or ‘Golgotha’ in Aramaic. Today there is a rocky hill near the garden Tomb which indeed physically resembles a skull.
In the mid-19th century, several Christian scholars suggested that this hill could indeed be the place of the Messiah’s crucifixion because of its noted proximity to a main city gate and its association with executions according to local tradition, which all fit the descriptions from the Gospel.
Perhaps the most convincing aspect of the Garden Tomb as the burial place of Jesus is the fact that it is empty!

2000 years ago, on a Friday afternoon on April the 3rd, 33 A.D, Jesus was crucified and buried in a tomb.
On Sunday morning, some of the disciples came to the tomb and were amazed to find it empty! The body of the Lord Jesus was no longer there.
As they stood greatly perplexed, two angels appeared and said to them, ‘why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here but is risen.

‘He is Risen!
These words which rang powerfully in the hearts of the disciples that Resurrection morning, will today echo on the lips of millions of Christians across the world.

‘Christ is risen!’
These amazing powerful three words changed the world forever!
The Resurrection of Jesus became the eternal game-changer that turned humanity’s worst day into our best day.
There is no Christianity without the Resurrection. It is the core of everything we believe, receive and experience.

Jesus came into the world through a virgin’s womb, and he left through an empty tomb!
The tomb of Jesus is empty because death and the grave could not hold Him bound. He broke the chains and arose and now He ever lives to make intercessions for us.
Because of the resurrection, we don’t have to fear death because Jesus now holds the keys of hades and death. All power belongs to Him.
Therefore the forces of wickedness have no more power over you.
Every chain that still tries to hold you bound was shattered on the Resurrection morning.
Whatever negative situation, you may be facing today, Jesus died to give you the victory over them. On the cross, Christ paid our debt in full. Therefore refuse to live a defeated life. Choose today to live in victory.
Because Christ lives, we shall live also.
He is risen indeed and is alive forever more!

PRAYER; Father, Please help me to begin to live in the victory Christ has won at the cross for me. Please enable me to be a partaker of the goodness and redemptive package He won at Calvary. Indeed on this resurrection day, I receive a positive change of story in every area of my life in Jesus’ Name.

God is preparing you for the season He prepared for your breakthrough. WORDBITE 222.


Colossians 2:14 ‘Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us. He took it out of the way, nailing it to His cross;’

DAILY READING – 1 Corinthians 16; 2 Kings 12-13; Micah 3

On February 27, 1991, during the Desert Storm War, a woman by the name of Ruth Dillow received the worst call of her life.
She was told that her son, Clayton Carpenter, Private First Class, had stepped on a land mine and was dead. For the next three days she grieved. No one could comfort her.

On the third day after receiving the terrible news, the phone rang. On the other end of the phone there was a voice that said, “Mom, it’s me. I’m alive.” At first she thought it was a cruel joke, but as the conversation continued, she realized it was her son.

Later she said she laughed and cried and rejoiced because what seemed to be a hopeless situation turned out to be the greatest day of her life.

The disciples of Jesus were devastated by news of His death through crucifixion. But three days later, they received the best and greatest News that had ever come to humanity; ‘He is risen!’

After Jesus was crucified, the disciples were shaken, confused, depressed, demoralized and saddened by his death. They were full of grief and disbelief.
For three years, they had been together with Jesus, traveling, eating, sleeping and living with Him. Then, on a seemingly random Thursday night, Roman soldiers suddenly appeared and arrested their master and by the following day had crucified Him.

The disciples were in anguish and also afraid for their own lives.
However, while they mourned His death, unknown to them, Jesus had gone down to hell to fight their battles and win complete victory for humanity.
What Adam gave over to the devil in the Garden of Eden by disobedience, was taken back by Christ. Jesus completely devastated the kingdom of darkness and left hell in shambles, triumphing over the devil, and disarming all principalities and powers.

Colossians 2:15 says, “Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it”.

After Jesus had sealed the devil’s defeat, He arose from the grave and appeared to His disciples.
Imagine the joy of these disciples as they saw Jesus again! Their mourning was turned into dancing, their darkness was turned into light and their night was turned into day.

And so it is sometimes in our lives.
While we may be wondering where God is in our situation, He is very much alive and working behind the scenes.
This is why we must always trust Him even if we cannot trace Him. He is always there and is our ever present help in the time of need.
We must learn to rest in His love and abide in His promises.

At the cross, Jesus fought our battles and won and has given us total victory and liberty in life.
Whatever was trying to destroy your life, your future and your purpose, was defeated at Calvary.
Indeed Christ has blotted out the handwriting of the ordinance that was against us, which was contrary to us. He took it out of the way, nailing it to His cross; [Colossians 2:14]
Any addiction, any bondage, sickness, affliction in your life; Jesus took them all to Calvary for you. And He declared ‘it is finished’.
Indeed it is finished with every harassment of the enemy over our lives. Through His death, Jesus destroyed sin’s power to dominate over you. He defeated death’s terror to hold you down, and you don’t have to be afraid of anything anymore.
Now you have the power and you have the victory!
That indeed is the message of the cross and the resurrection!

Lord, I thank You for the victory You have won for me at Calvary. Thank You Lord, for giving me victory and dominion over the forces of darkness. Indeed through Your Resurrection power, I see every contrary situation turning around now for my good in Jesus’ Name.

It takes a heart for God to make a mark in the sands of time. – WORDBITE 201.


Proverbs 23:18 “For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off. “

DAILY READING – 1 Corinthians 15:35-58; 2 Kings 11; Micah 2

Rabbi Yaakov Halevi Friedman is a Jewish author who survived the holocaust.
In his memoirs, he gave an account of a celebration of the Passover, in a concentration camp where they were being held prisoners by the Nazis during WW2.

In 1945, in the midst of sufferings and death, a group of Jewish prisoners were able to secretly observe the Festival of Freedom despite being in captivity.
In the days before the Passover, Rabbi Yaakov Friedman and a few other prisoners were sent outside the camp to clean up a railway that had been bombed. In one of the destroyed boxcars, the Rabbi found wheat in burlap sacks. He believed God made him to find the wheat which was needful for baking the Passover bread.
Hiding some of the wheat, he was able to smuggle in a fairly large amount back into the prison.

He and the other prisoners ground the wheat in the dead of night, and using a clean piece of cloth, sifted the flour from grit. They lit a fire under a metal can to function as an oven, and then began baking the Matzah, which is the unleavened flat bread that is an integral element of the Passover.

They worked quickly, knowing they could be killed if caught by the Nazis. They ended up baking about 20 small matzahs.

On the night of the Passover, despite the hardships of the Holocaust, these prisoners sat down to celebrate and remember the redemption experienced by their forefathers in the book of Exodus.
Though their tears mingled with the bread in their mouths, they each prayed fervently that they would experience their own redemption too.

The prayers and expectations of these prisoners soon became reality. Few weeks later, the allied forces overran the German army and defeated them. Rabbi Yaakov Friedman’s prison camp was liberated and he and the other Jewish prisoners were finally set free from their captivity..

Proverbs 23:18 says “For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off.”

Expectation is indeed the mother of manifestation.
Where no vision is the people perish, but where there is vision, people flourish.

A major lesson from the Resurrection season is to know that we can always arise from any dead situation.

Today, being Good Friday marks the crucifixion of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Though, He went through a harrowing experience, Jesus came out of the grave victorious.

Likewise, no matter the situations that try to bury you, you can break free from any captivity..

Disappointments and setbacks may occur sometimes in life, but what matters most is the faith and resurrection power within you..
You can indeed come out better, instead of bitter. You can come out stronger, instead of weaker.
Instead of being defeated, you can come out with a new passion and a new fire..

Don’t just go through a trial, ‘grow’ through it. The fiery trial is not there to stop you. It is there to prepare you, to increase you and develop you.

God is really in control of your life. Be assured that He will never allow what you cannot bear to come your way. The enemy may turn on the fire, but the good news is that God controls the heat. He knows how to turn around situations for your good.

Therefore always keep hope alive. You need to hold on to the promises of God even in the midst of adversity..

There is a purpose for the trial. Every struggle is making you stronger. Every difficulty is growing you up.
God is preparing you for the next level of your destiny.

Therefore keep a good attitude. Count it all joy, knowing that the pain is leading to your gain.

James 1;2-4 says ‘My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.’

No matter how hard situations may sometimes seem, always keep hope alive. Don’t give up, don’t give in, keep believing God’s Word.. Surely His promises will come to manifestation and your expectations shall never be cut short..

PRAYER: Lord, please grant me the grace to always keep my faith strong in You despite any situation around me.. Please help me to always maintain my joy in the face of trials. Certainly, You are in perfect control of my life and will always cause me to triumph in Jesus Name
God will never allow the flames of trial to burn you more than is necessary. – WORDBITE 222


Exodus 12:2 “This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you”.

DAILY READING 1 Corinthians 15:1-34; 2 Kings 10; Micah 1

The Western calendar is today’s internationally accepted civil calendar. It is also known as the Gregorian or Christian calendar.
However, there is another calendar used by the Jews, which is called the Hebrew calendar. This calendar is used predominantly by the Jews for religious observances.
While, the Western calendar is solar and keeps in step with the Earth’s progress around the Sun; the Jewish calendar is Lunar and reflects the phases of the moon; with each month always beginning at a new moon.
Also while the months of the Western calendar vary in length between 28 and 31 days to make a solar year of 365 days, the months of the Jewish calendar are either 29 or 3o days long and reflect the Biblical feasts of each season.

Today, January is generally accepted as the first month of the Western calendar, but for the ancient people of Israel, the first month of the year was the month of Abib, which roughly equates to our month of April.

Speaking of Abib, God said in Exodus 12:2 “This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you”.

God said this to Moses at the time of Israel’s deliverance from captivity in Egypt. In this manner, the Jewish year began with the month in which God delivered His people from bondage.
The departure from Egypt marked a new beginning for Israel.
And God wanted His people to always remember this season, so he instructed them to observe the month of Abib as special unto the Lord.

Exodus 13:3-4 says “Moses said unto the people, Remember this day, in which ye came out from Egypt….This day came ye out in the month Abib”

This month, as the Jews remember their deliverance from slavery through the Passover, Christians also remember their deliverance from sin through Christ’s Resurrection. Both of these miraculous events represent redemption

Indeed, in this sacred season, God’s great love is made manifest through His desire to redeem His people.
As Christians, let us especially remember in this season, the ultimate price paid for the salvation of our souls.
After being savagely beaten, Jesus dragged His cross through the streets to Calvary as sweat and blood dripped down His body. Up on Golgotha’s hill, the Lamb of God was slain for our sins that we might receive new life and become the sons and daughters of the living God.
He became a curse for us, that we might experience a blessed new life. For our sakes, He became poor that we might be made rich.
Let us therefore determine that our lives must constantly reflect the great victory Christ won at the cross.

He has redeemed us unto God as sons and daughters who will dominate in every affair of life and manifest God’s power in all spheres of human endeavors.
Especially in these last days, God is raising us as a strong and mighty army who will be a wonder to the world. It is an army of overcomers who will dominate through the power in the Blood of Jesus.

Therefore on this first day of April, let us tap into the grace of this resurrection season. It doesn’t matter where you may be today, it is time to take advantage of this season and resurrect from every stagnancy and redundancy. It is time to arise from every bed of sickness and dominate over every affliction.
It is certainly our season to see glory and not shame. It is our season of exploits and miracles. And by the power in the Blood of Jesus nothing shall stop us from experiencing the wonders God has ordained for us in this season in Jesus Name.

PRAYER: Father, I thank You for this new month and new season of life. Please help me to pay the required spiritual price so as to align with Your plans for me in this new season. I thank You that indeed by the Blood of Jesus I am arising to become a wonder in Jesus Name.

To get into the next level of your life, God will always give a specific instruction. – WORDBITE 222


Exodus 11:1 ‘ Yet will I bring one plague more upon Pharaoh, and upon Egypt; afterwards he will let you go hence: when he shall let you go, he shall surely thrust you out hence altogether.

DAILY READING; 1 Corinthians 14:26-40; 2 Kings 9; Jonah 4

This week, the Jews are observing the 2021 Passover celebration which began at sundown on March 27 and ends Sunday evening, April 4.
The Passover is a festival of freedom for the Jews.
It is an eight-day holiday that commemorates their departure from slavery in Egypt more than 3,000 years ago.
The name ‘Passover’ is a reference to Exodus 12:13, in which God “passed over,” or spared, the houses of the Israelites in the final plague, when He killed the firstborn sons in Egypt.

During Passover, entire Jewish families – from great-grandparents to newborns – sit at the table to retell the story of the exodus.
However, during this period of the global pandemic, open celebrations of the Passover was made virtually impossible as extended families could no longer gather together under one roof to celebrate as they normally would have.
Last year especially, as the COVID-19 pandemic raged, for many Jews, it was the first time in their lives to celebrate the Passover at home, not going anywhere, nor socializing.
Yet the lockdowns, travel bans and closed synagogues still did not deter the Jewish general observance of the Passover season. With some ingenuity and technology—Jews from all over the world were able to celebrate virtually.
Several organizations and synagogues created guidelines to hosting virtual Passover via Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook Live etc.

The pandemic is definitely not the first or even the most unprecedented of challenges under which Jews have celebrated the Passover. Throughout history even under the worst of conditions, the Jewish people have always held on to the celebration of the Passover. For them it is a constant reminder of God’s deliverance and their freedom from every bondage.

As believers, the Passover is also a constant reminder to us that we have passed spiritually from slavery to freedom.
When the mystery of the Passover Blood was engaged in Egypt, God delivered the Israelites from 430 years of captivity.
Though God had sent several plagues to Egypt still Pharaoh had refused to release the Israelites.
Then in Exodus 11:1 God said to Moses ‘ Yet will I bring one plague more upon Pharaoh, and upon Egypt; afterwards he will let you go hence: when he shall let you go, he shall surely thrust you out hence altogether.

The “one more plague” was the mystery of the Passover Blood.
At God’s instruction, Moses called the Israelites and told them to take a lamb and kill it. Then they would take a bunch of hyssop, and dip it in the blood of the lamb and strike the door posts of their homes. (Exodus 12:21-23).

As the Jews obeyed the words of Moses, they were preserved as the angel of death passed through the land. Through the mystery of the Passover Blood, the siege of captivity over them was finally broken and they were set free from the bondage in Egypt.

In the same way today, as plagues and pandemics rage in these last days, through the mystery of the Passover Blood, we shall be preserved. Certainly, no evil shall befall us and no plague can come near our dwelling place.
Indeed, the Blood is God’s instrument for our deliverance from all assaults of the wicked.
Just as a lamb was slain for the sprinkling of the Passover Blood, Jesus is the Lamb Who has been slain on the Cross for our freedom and deliverance.
There is no yoke so strong that the Blood of Jesus cannot break it in your life. There is no bondage so thick that the blood cannot destroy it.
Indeed every affliction that the enemy has tried to ensnare you with, can be broken off today, as you engage the power in the Blood of Jesus.

The Blood of Jesus is the Blood Covenant that redeemed us from the curse of the law to enjoy the blessings of Abraham. [Galatians 3:13-14]
Therefore, if any generational curse is working against you in any way, you can engage the Blood to establish your freedom today.
Indeed there is wonder-working power in the Blood to break every chain of captivity.
Today, as we connect to the blessings of this Passover season, surely, in every area of our lives, the Blood will keep speaking ‘Passover’ to every evil and secure our total freedom from every bondage.

PRAYER: Lord, I thank You for the Blood of Jesus that is speaking ‘Passover’ in my life to every evil. Indeed today, by the Blood I am preserved from every plague and have the victory over every affliction in Jesus Name

QUOTE; Discovery will guarantee you a recovery of anything ever lost or missing in your life. – WORDBITE 222.


Isaiah 44:3-4 ‘For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring:’

DAILY READING • 1 Corinthians 14:1-25; 2 Kings 8; Jonah 3

For over 200 years, The Bible Society has distributed Bibles all over the world, even into nations hostile to the Gospel.
However, it is noteworthy that this amazing organization started because of a young girl’s desperate hunger for God’s Word.
In 1784, deep in the Welsh countryside, a girl called Mary Jones was born, who grew up in poverty, raised by her widowed mother.
As Mary grew older and began hearing some of the captivating stories of the Bible, she developed a desperate desire to have a Bible of her own.
At that time, Bibles were very scarce in Wales and very few people owned a copy.
When she was ten years old, Mary began working hard, doing odd jobs around the village and saving money to buy a Bible. By the time she was 16 years old, she felt she had saved enough and trekked about 26 miles to another town where there lived a Pastor called Thomas Charles who sold Bibles.
When Mary arrived at his house, Pastor Thomas had sold out his stock of Bibles but seeing how desperate Mary was to own a copy, he went out of his way to look for where to get Bibles for her and he ended up giving her three Bibles!
Mary’s compelling desire for God’s Word, so deeply stirred Pastor Thomas, that in 1802, at a meeting of the Religious Tracts Society, he proposed that a group be formed to provide Bibles in Welsh. Inspired by Mary’s story, the group agreed to work to not only distribute Bibles locally, but also internationally, all around the world.
This marked the birth of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Today, they are simply known as ‘The Bible Society’. Working in over 200 countries they have a mission to translate, print and disseminate the Bible all over the world and make it available to every man, woman and child on the face of the earth.
Yet this great amazing organization all began because of Mary Jones’ burning desire for God’s Word.

Psalm 42:1-2 says ‘As the deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants after you, God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God…’

Our hearts need to pant after God as a way of life.
The truth is that no one can accomplish much in God’s Kingdom, without a desperate hunger for God’s Word. It is through the Word that we know God and they that do know their God are those that do exploits.

A desperate desire for the Word of God is the gateway to signs and wonders. Every great man and woman ever used by God to manifest great miracles, all came to a point of spiritual ‘desperation’ in seeking after God, until He revealed His power to them.
Likewise, if we desire to see the manifestations of signs and wonders, our hearts must greatly hunger for God.
It is a spiritual law that only the hungry shall be filled.
Matthew 5:6 says those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled.

God’s Spirit is poured out in abundance upon those who hunger and thirst after Him.

In Isaiah 44:3-4 God says ‘For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring. And they shall spring up as among the grass, as willows by the water courses’

If our desire is to see the power and glory of God, then we must be thirsting, craving, longing and panting for it through a diligent search in the Word and prayers.

Psalm 63:1-2 says ‘O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is; To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary.’

Just as our physical body hungers for food to survive, our spirit man relies on God’s Word to survive and thrive. Our nutritional source of spiritual energy and power is the Word.
I Peter 2:2 talks about the sincere milk of the Word which is for the growth of newly born again believers, and Hebrews 5:14 talks about the strong meat of the Word for full grown believers to discern between good and evil.

Just as your body is weak, if it does not eat food, your spirit man if not constantly fed God’s Word, will be weak.
A spiritually weak believer finds it difficult to fight off temptations and the attacks of the enemy. But when your spirit man is well fed with the Word, you will stand strong and constantly overcome the world through faith.

God has sent His Word to heal us and deliver us from destructions. People only perish for lack of knowledge of the Word.
When you load your heart with the Word, you are loading your heart with power. It is like loading a gun with bullets. You become too dangerous for any devil to handle.

Because life on earth involves constant spiritual warfare, we must endeavor to keep our spirit man always strong and well fed with God’s Word.
When we are filled with the Word, we will be full of power and live in victory, accomplishing signs and wonders upon the earth.

PRAYER; Lord, Please grant me renewed appetite and zeal for Your Word. Please enable me to always give the study of Your Word top priority in my life, so that I can constantly be empowered to overcome and do exploits on the earth in Jesus Name.

God’s Word is God’s ‘prescription’ for every area of your life, let God’s Word fix every situation in your life. WORDBITE 222.


Galatians 6:9 ‘And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.’

DAILY READING; • 1 Corinthians 13; 2 Kings 7:3-20; Jonah 2

For over 150 years, Foreign Christian missionaries tried unsuccessfully to convert the Masai people of Kenya. The Masai people are a semi-nomadic ethnic group who were bound in age-old traditions of worship of a volcano.
However, one of the people God used to finally break through to them with the light of the Gospel, was a warrior from their own tribe.

In 1986, this former Masai warrior, showed up at a Billy Graham Itinerant Evangelists’ Conference in Amsterdam to tell his amazing story of how he led his people to Christ. This story was later published in Virtue Magazine.
This man, named Joseph, after his conversion, was so excited that he desired to share the good News with his people.
Joseph began going from door to door in his village telling everyone about the amazing news of salvation in Christ. He thought they would be just as excited, but rather the villagers turned against him and became violent. The men held him to the ground while the women beat him with strands of barbed wire. He was dragged from the village and left to die alone in the bush.
Joseph somehow managed to crawl to a water hole and days later, after regaining some strength, he set out again to share the Good News. Again he was beaten by the villagers and his old wounds were reopened. Once more, they dragged him unconscious from the village and left him to die. Miraculously, Joseph survived. But despite being bruised and scarred, he retuned back again to the village to share the good News. This time, they attacked him before he had a chance to open his mouth. As they flogged him, he continued to tell them about Christ, and just before he passed out, the last thing he saw was that the women who were beating him began weeping.
When he finally became conscious, he found himself in his own bed. The people who had so severely beaten him before were now trying to save his life and nurse him back to health.
It so happened that as they beat him the last time, suddenly the people had become overwhelmingly convicted by the Holy Ghost and the entire village came to accept Christ.

Because, he didn’t give up despite the fierce opposition, Joseph’s persistence eventually won over the whole village. Through him the Masai’s age-old resistance to the Gospel was finally broken.
Indeed there is no situation God cannot turn around for us when we stay in faith and remain persistent.
We must refuse to grow weary in our bid to obey God’s will.
Quitters never win and winners never quit and trials will eventually lead to triumphs.

In trying to obey God’s assignment for us, various situations will attempt to knock us down. But refuse to stay down and keep rising and moving in the direction of your call.
Even if people choose to maltreat you, keep sowing the seeds of love.
Especially in these end-times, we must stay strong and be determined to shine the light of the Gospel no matter the cost.

Mathew 5:16 says ‘ Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.’

Don’t back down because of the forces that try to stop you.
Don’t become discouraged because you did not see victory or progress today. Be persistent in your zeal and efforts to obey God’s Will. No matter the opposition, your persistence will indeed wear down the resistance.

The judgment of a man’s greatness is not only to be measured in the mission he accomplishes, but in the obstacles he has overcome in the process.
In the journey of life everyone faces challenges. However, in order to succeed, we must have an inner strength and conviction, to keep standing no matter how hard the wind blows.

When the Word of God dwells richly in your heart, it will keep propelling you forward no matter how many times situations try to bring you down.
Indeed your inner forte of faith must be stronger than the outer winds of doubt. What is pushing you forward has to be stronger than what is pushing against you.

In Mathew 7, Jesus tells us that the house that is built on the rock doesn’t fall. Despite the storm, rain, wind, the house built on the rock will keep standing.

That rock is the Word of God. When The Word of God is strong in your heart, you can withstand any challenge.
To succeed in life, we must therefore have the faith to believe, the courage to do and the strength to endure. Truly the Word within us makes us indefatigable. It makes us more than conquerors and winners in all of life’s confrontations.

PRAYER: Lord, please help me to never grow weary in doing good and standing for the truth. Through Your Word please empower and strengthen me to successfully run the race set before me this year and indeed end up as a wonder to all in Jesus Name.

Illuminate your world for you are a star destined to shine. WORDBITE 222.


1 Corinthians 15:58 ‘Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.‘

DAILY READING • 1 Corinthians 12; 2 Kings 6:1-7:2; Jonah 1

Robert Gilmour LeTourneau ranks among the greatest Christian Businessmen of all time.
He is famous for living on 10% of his income and giving 90% to the spread of the Gospel.

Though he was a school dropout, through divine help, he rose to become the leading earth moving machinery manufacturer of his day. His contributions forever changed the world of road constructions.

R.G. LeTourneau was born to Christian parents and gave his life to Christ at an early age. Due to financial hardship, when he was 14 years old in 1901, he dropped out of school and began working in an iron foundry.
After several other menial jobs, he later discovered his passion for machinery while working as an auto mechanic.
However, by the age of 28, after a failed business, he was jobless and broke.
He jumped at the opportunity to level some land for a wealthy rancher and from his experience at this job he found his mission in life.
LeTourneau then began taking more land leveling contracts. He would scramble to invent machines to speed up the work and keep him from going broke.
In this new business, LeTourneau considered himself to be in partnership with God. At this time, despite his financial difficulties he was able to pay a $5000 pledge he had made to God.

Soon after he did this, God suddenly gave him an unexpected breakthrough and he received divine inspiration to begin manufacturing earth-moving equipment.
RG LeTourneau became one of the pioneers in this field.
His inventions brought him unprecedented profits, and he became immensely wealthy. 70% of the equipment used in World War 2 were manufactured by his company.

His reputation for giving to the Gospel made him to be called “God’s businessman”.
At his death, inscribed on his grave was Matthew 6:33, which said “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Truly, when we seek God and His kingdom first, everything else will be added unto us. It is our degree of commitment in seeking God first that determines our ultimate height in the race of life.
Dedication is the mystery behind distinction. How dedicated you are in serving God, determines how distinguished you will become in life.
Your life does not get better by chance; it gets better by the choices you make. And nothing is more valuable than focus on God in the journey of life.

We must, therefore, focus our lives on what really matters most–which is seeking first God’s kingdom.

Certainly, God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him and whatever labour we invest into
His kingdom is never in vain.

1 Corinthians 15:58 says, “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.’

Maintaining God as your focus is what turns you into a focus among men. And we strengthen our focus by meditating upon the Word of God. You cannot experience divine enlargement until you first enlarge your mind set. We will only prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers through knowledge of God’s Word.

It is our depth in the Word that will determine our height in life. Certainly, as we run after God, then everything good will run after us.

Lord, I thank You for granting me the grace to always focus on Your Word and make You my greatest priority in life. I know that when I seek You and Your Kingdom first, certainly, every good thing in life shall be added unto me, in Jesus’ name.

Your heart needs to be filled with The Word of God to the point of overflow. – WORDBITE 222


John 1:5 ‘And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

DAILY READING – 1 Corinthians 11:17-34; 2 Kings 5; Obadiah 1

A lighthouse keeper is responsible for tending and caring for a
lighthouse and ensuring the lights are always kept shining.
Because most lighthouses are located in remote, isolated areas on islands and coastlines, it was typical for lighthouse keepers to occasionally go to nearby towns to stock up on their provisions.
December 22, 1839, was a fair, sunny day on the New England coast of North America. The keeper of the lighthouse at Plum Island, Massachusetts, thought he could safely leave the island in his little rowboat, take his wife shopping, and be back before dark.
But while they were away, a wind began to blow. A storm was coming fast. Soon sky and sea fused into a gray, howling mass of rain, foam, and spray. The keeper tried desperately to get back to the island and turn on the lighthouse for incoming ships. But the storm hindered his efforts. That night the lighthouse remained dark.

Near midnight, a ship named ‘Pocahontas’, struggling to find the river and harbor entrance normally signaled by the lighthouse, searched in vain. Instead, the ship hit a sandbar. Its back was broken, and it sank with the entire crew on board.
Just before dawn another ship named ‘the Richmond Packer’, heading for the same port, also came to a wreck, thankfully only one life was lost.
Such stories of accidents occurring on the sea due to lack of light, dots Maritime history. Indeed anytime a light house failed to function and shine its lights, the result is often disastrous.

Spiritually today, it is obvious that humanity is sailing on the sea of confusion without a clear light.
On the News daily, we see this happening as leaders and experts contradict themselves on many crucial global topics.
For instance, the recent controversies surrounding the pandemic, has left many people without a definite direction on what or who to exactly believe.

At such a time, believers can only know the right direction to follow by heeding the light of God’s Word and the leadings of the Holy Spirit.
Anyone who lacks such divine guidance will end up falling into pitfalls of these confusing end-times.

As we watch global events unfold daily, it is obvious that a growing sense of fear and uncertainty is sweeping through the world.
This is so, because spiritually the world is being covered by increasing gross darkness.

Isaiah 60:2-3 tells us that gross darkness shall cover the earth and the people..

The scriptures clearly depict the spiritually dark state of the world today. And this absence of spiritual light is leading to the disasters and shipwreck of many destinies. Because men cannot see their way forward, they are stumbling in different directions..

Indeed absence of light spells danger in the journey of life.
As believers, we must therefore carefully follow the light of God’s Word so as to survive and thrive in these perilous times.
The Word is the light that shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.

God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and the light to our path.
As we walk in the light of the Word, we will know which way to go at every crossroad.
Let us therefore continually fill our lives with light through addiction to God’s Word. In addition let us commit to a lifestyle of prayers, fasting and fervent worship.
As we do this, we will continually abide in the light of God’s Presence and have no occasion to stumble in the darkness of these end-times.

PRAYER: Father please help me to keep my light burning always through diligent study of Your Word and fervent prayers. Thank You Lord, for keeping me from falling and guiding me through Your Spirit in these perilous last days in Jesus Name.

For you to enjoy victory in The Kingdom of God, you need to develop a kingdom mind, that thinks in line with The Word of God. – WORDBITE 222.


Isaiah 25:4 says ‘For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall.’

DAILY READING; 1 Corinthians 11:1-16; 2 Kings 4; Amos 9

Rees Howell was one of the greatest intercessors and revivalists of the 20th century. He was also the founder of The Bible College of Wales.
Rees Howell was used by God to ignite a great revival that spread throughout South Africa, and other regions of Africa.
However before embarking on his journey to Africa, Rees Howell had to overcome a trial of faith.
At this time, the first World War had just begun. Travelling across the ocean during this period was very dangerous, because Germany had declared the waters around Britain to be a war zone, and they targeted every British ship for destruction.
Just two months to the time of Rees Howell’s journey to Africa, the Germans had attacked and sunk a passenger ship named ‘Lusitania’.
Though the situation appeared fearful, yet Rees Howell and his wife were sure they would arrive safely to Africa because they had received a definite word from God to go on the mission.

And so on 10th July 1915, they boarded a ship that would take them to Southeast Africa, in the area now known as Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
Though the passengers and even the ship’s captain were very fearful, Rees Howell continually assured them that God would protect the ship, because God was raking him and his wife to Africa on a mission to serve Him.
And indeed just as Rees Howell had predicted, despite the many enemy U-boats lurking in the dangerous waters, their ship was miraculously preserved and they eventually arrived safely to Africa to ignite a revival across the land.

In Acts 27, Apostle Paul was on a journey across the sea on a divine appointment to Rome to see Caesar so as to be set free from his captivity.
But on their way, a hurricane called Euroclydon arose, with a great storm of wind and waves that beat into their ship.
The storm was so fierce that for 14 days they didn’t see the sun or the stars, leading many in the ship to lose hope of their surviving.
Yet in the midst of the storm, Paul prayed and received a promise from an angel of the Lord that he would arrive safely to Rome, along with everyone else with him on the ship.
By this Word of faith, Paul boldly assured everyone in the ship that they would not be harmed.
Though the storm didn’t immediately stop and their situation even became worse as their ship broke apart, yet Paul held on to God’s Word and it indeed came to pass. He arrived safely in Rome and stood before Caesar, just as God had promised him.

When you are on divine appointment and running with a divine purpose, the enemy often tries to send fearful situations to stop you.
But no matter how tough any situation you may face, God’s Word will always prevail as you stay in faith.
Some of life’s greatest battles come just before the greatest victories. As it is often said, it is darkest just before the day dawns.
Therefore, no matter what may be happening around you, stay focused on what has been written in God’s Word.
God’s Word always stands sure and is greater than surrounding conditions. It will always prevail over every negative situation.
This is why in the middle of life’s storms, always choose to speak faith over fear. Talk strength in the face of weakness, declare health in the face of sickness, speak life in the face of death, talk victory in the face of defeat.

Don’t ever let the storm talk you out of what God has promised you.
There’s a calling upon your life, an assignment God that has ordained for you to accomplish. Understand that the financial troubles, sickness, family problems, etc are all attempts to distract you from your appointment with destiny. But your purpose cannot be stopped by the waves of opposition. Though the howling storms of life may assail, as you stand on God’s Word you shall surely prevail.
Indeed God is our shelter in every storm. He is our refuge and strength and our ever present help in every time of need.

Isaiah 25:4 says ‘For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall.’

Every step of the way, let’s keep praising God because He is certainly too faithful to fail us, He is too dependable to disappoint us. What His mouth has promised, His hand is able to accomplish in our lives.
God’s promise to us this year will surely be fulfilled. We are certainly ending up as signs and wonders. Let us therefore build up our faith to receive through diligent study of God’s Word, prayers, and praise. Indeed as we hold on to God’s Word, we will surely see the manifestation of His promises.

Lord, I thank You because I know that surely Your promises will come to pass in every area of my life. Please grant me the grace for diligent study of Your Word so that I can have the faith to stand until my miracle comes in Jesus’ Name.

The test you are going through in life today is not for your destruction, it is for your testimony. – WORDBITE 222.