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    I’m in the business of launching businesses, so there’s always something to be excited and terrified about! The exhilaration of the risk, the long nights, and the successful take-off all make entrepreneurship the most exciting profession on the planet!

    It’s fun when I’m launching a new thing, but it’s when I’m NOT launching that I do my best spiritual connecting with God. I’m doing my best personal development when in between the launches, during the slower seasons, when I’m coasting and enjoying the fruits of the previous launches and looking forward to the next.

    We entrepreneurs will spend most of our business lives in the day-to-day operating or our businesses. These “plain” times are different than the highs and lows of good times and bad, during launches and closing up shop. The “valley” of entrepreneurship terrifies us. The “mountain-top” of business ownership exhilarates us. But the majority of the time will be spent between the feast and the famine – the ordinary times. It is where entrepreneurship can seem ordinary and mundane, however, this is the time where we can do the most spiritual growth.

    See, we put a lot of hope in the mountains of business ownership. That’s where the gold is hidden, right? It’s as if it has the secret to us FINALLY being happy and free. It’s in the “next big thing” where our faith wanders off to. But after the mountains, the ordinary plain time still comes, and we’re back in operation mode. Things seem boring and monotonous again.

    And us risk-taking entrepreneurs tend to fear the valleys. We fight to protect ourselves from pain of loss in profits, reputation, trust, and leadership. We build all these systems and processes in our businesses as to avoid the sorrow of failure from destroying us.

    The result is that this “in-between” time is spent either daydreaming about the next mountain or building operation to avoid failure. So, when do we sit down to enjoy the presence of God and bask in the glory of what it is to be a creator alongside God?

    How can Christian entrepreneurs learn not to neglect the quality time afforded to us during times of calm in our businesses? God gives us the “everyday” arena not to become apathetic or complacent, but instead to draw closer to Him. If we sit around waiting for what we long for and for what we fear, we’ll miss where we are right now.

    The Bible says

    And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

    Colossians 3:17 NIV

    God’s Word says to have a grateful heart and be thankful day to day.

    You must embrace this perspective every day in your business. Your entire reason for being in business leaves nothing for which gratitude is not the appropriate attitude.

    God is the God of the day-to-day ownership and operation of your business. He’s looking over your entire workday – every decision, interaction, emotion, idea, and step. And that’s the BEAUTY! You’re not alone! You have a partner in God to enjoy His presence and run ideas to grow your business faithfully.

    We Godpreneurs afford a valuable opportunity to see the Presence of God in our business lives. There is nothing more essential for us believing business owners than seeing God as the Divine Chairman of the Board of Directors in our everyday business life.

    Imagine if we all placed more value on the worth of our day-to-day God-first business decisions. I believe we would take more notice of the innumerable ways God is communicating with us to be our daily action guide to help us grow our influence and profits!

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    How do faith and entrepreneurship mix?

    Christian or not, I’m sure every successful entrepreneur would say, “you gotta have faith in your product or service for it to succeed.” However, is this the same type of faith we learn about in the Bible?  And how can we take our entrepreneurial faith walk more seriously so that we can reap the full benefits of a faith-filled mindset?

    I used to stress out about thinking of innovative ideas, launching new products, and attracting new clients. The stress would keep me up at night, stating at the ceiling, wondering if I’m good enough to succeed.

    This stress would take a toll on my relationships with everyone. My wife would see me working too much. My child would see me leaving home early and coming back late. My employees would hear from me less. And my relationship with God would take a lesser role.

    But over the last two years, I’ve been working on my FAITH walk. I’m not talking about my faith in Christianity. I’m talking about my faith that God will provide.

    Faith, as a Christian entrepreneur goes beyond our declaration that we believe in God, go to church and participate in Bible studies. Faith as an entrepreneur is 100% confidence that, when you’re in your calling, God will provide.  Faith changes our language from “hoping” something will happen to expect it to happen.

    Faith is the gift that keeps on giving us business owners the fuel to keep on pursuing our purpose.  Since we’re always taking risks by starting businesses, hiring new people, and launching new campaigns, faith-filled entrepreneurs don’t hope their actions will deliver results; they KNOW God will provide.

    However, faith is also a hard mindset for us to understand and a challenge for us to take advantage of fully. We like results we can see, touch, and experience immediately. We like money in the bank that we can store up for a rainy day. But we’re not sure how to manage a gift we can’t take inventory of, yet we have an endless supply of it.

    The issue isn’t if we have faith or not, the issue is that we miss it’s deep significance and tremendous advantages in our business as we either ignore it or take it for granted.  Faith becomes an assumed quality of being Christian and starts to blend into the normal routine of our business day and we can no longer tell it’s there. We have it as a card we pull out of our pocket only when circumstances call for it.

    A great source to go to when we want to understand faith more is the book of Hebrews.  Paul the Apostle wrote

    The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It’s our handle on what we can’t see. The act of faith is what distinguished our ancestors, set them above the crowd.

    Hebrews 11:1‭-‬2 MSG

    From an entrepreneurial point of view, there are three golden nuggets to pull out of this verse that you may have never realized.

    1) It’s not worth owning a business if you don’t have faith. You’ll be a big stress ball if you’re always doubting yourself or second-guessing your actions. Faith is the fun in owning a business because you get to experience God’s provision day in and day out.

    2) Faith is your handle on what you can’t see from your business plans. You can only hope for what you can’t see and touch. On the other hand, faith turns entrepreneurial expectation into a surefire substance. “Can’t see” usually does not fit with return on investment. However, faith makes it so. Faith turns God’s promises for your business into tangible realities. Faith turns things of the unseen spiritual world into visible things in the business world.

    3) Faith is an action of obedience for God-first business owners. All the famous characters of the Bible did things out of faith, taking risks in stepping into the unknown. This should sound like entrepreneurship to you. Like they did for their ancestors, your choices in business will unlock the full benefit the gift of faith God has given you. Faith is what brings your visions to life and is the testimony to all that you trust God in being first in your business. As you make your leadership decisions, the outcomes of your faith are put into motion.

    As Christian entrepreneurs, faith is our most potent tool, our biggest ally, and our competitive advantage. We don’t wait around for faith to show up, hoping that, maybe this time, God will come through. We’ve missed the opportunity of faith if we live under this false perception.

    Faith as a business owner is the hope of our entrepreneurial spirit. If we don’t use it, then that’s a choice we’ve made. No circumstance, situation, or setting should be able to affect our faith. Faith in action is merely choosing to run our businesses, knowing God’s got us covered. If we’ve uncovered our calling, then bringing it to life and telling the whole world can be a faith-filled pilgrimage where our businesses serve to sanctify us and draw us closer to God.

    Imagine if all of us Godpreneurs chose to have the kind of faith that turns hopes and dreams into realities we can experience today. Put your action into faith in your business today!

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    As Christian entrepreneurs, our hearts are shaped from before we were born to hurt for a particular wrong in this world.  We don’t know it from birth, we uncover it along the way.

    Entrepreneurship (God’s way) is taking a risk to launch a venture that will solve that specific problem you were created to pain over.

    But with so many avenues to take and so many people we can help, how do we know the exact pain we were born to pour into?

    I’ve always been in the business of launching businesses, either for myself or for my clients.  Before knowing anything about Christ, I’ve had a marketing and branding agency.

    But something weird happened when I started my relationship with God 5 years after launching my company.  I began to “feel bad” for entrepreneurs that were coming to launch their business that I knew deep down the venture wasn’t going to work out for them.

    Before knowing God, if you had an idea for a business, I would take your deposit and start working on whatever you had come to me asking to be done.  But after knowing God, I began to question the client, “Are you sure this is the business you were born to do?”

    My relationship with God revealed to me a pain that I couldn’t shake off: there are people launching businesses that they have no business launching.  Furthermore, if this isn’t the right business, then what exactly is the business he or she is supposed to be in.

    When we start our relationship with Christ and couple that with our vocation of entrepreneurship, God begins to shape our hearts to pain for the same things He pains for.  God gives us a NEW heart-shaped like His.

    The Bible says

    I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

    (EZEKIEL 36:26 NIV)

    The first clue to deciding on a niche is carefully analyzing how when certain problems come up; your heart is moved.  The movement of your new heart is one way God teaches you what is your “thing” in the marketplace. Business books call it your unique selling proposition (USP): what you and your company uniquely solve, different from every other company on the planet.

    Your heart is made to notice, to care, to move more for certain people (target market) and particular needs (niche problem to solve): when their needs meet, your heart is satisfied; when they aren’t, your heart hurts with their heart.

    For me, it would pain me to see an entrepreneur try to be everything for everyone.  It wouldn’t sit right if the person launching the business were doing it off of a whim, or because there’s “money” to be made.  When I got my new heart, I grew a passion for helping people discover what they were born to do BEFORE launching their business.

    We can all become conscientious of the feelings our God-first heart gives off, and begin to meet the true needs or the people we’re called to help so that we can not only find their joy but ours too.

    Also, take note that you’re not moved by the same thing I’m moved for.  It means you and I were uniquely created, and not all of us are shaped to solve the same thing.

    A second clue to deciding on a niche is understanding that although all of us Christian entrepreneurs are created for good works, as individuals, we’re not created for EVERY work.  We’re all called to help those in need in our marketplaces, but as individual companies, we’re not called to meet EVERY need.

    It is especially difficult for realtors to grasp their heads around.  They think because they have a license to service the entire state of Florida, that everyone is their target market.  But that’s impossible. I have to help them see that they were created to solve a particular niche need, and the process of deciding on a niche makes the difference between top earners and those that struggle.

    I have discovered my thing to do here in this world, and my prayer is that CHRIST teaches you what is yours!  Don’t look for your niche at a seminar or a YouTube video or because you saw someone else succeeding. Your niche will come from a heart after God’s heart.

    Imagine if we all detached ourselves from our selfish desires and considered only our hearts.  What specific group of people can we help with a particular need that uniquely moves us?  That’s our niche.

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    Have you discovered your purpose in business, but find yourself struggling to execute on it because you get sucked back into old ways?

    Maybe there’s a new direction you want to take with your business, but past clients and old services keep you from moving forward because…you have you got to pay the bills, right?

    Or, there’s a personal brand or blog you’ve meant to launch, but with all the distractions of life, you can’t find the time to press play or continue building.

    There’s a strategy I want to share with you today to help you move into “an entirely new way of life—a God-fashioned life, a life renewed from the inside and working itself into your conduct as God accurately reproduces his character in you” (Ephesians 4:20-24 MSG).

    I’m continually tweaking my branding agency. I’ve been helping businesses launch since 2005, but it hasn’t always stayed the same. I’ve changed my process, target market, and niche too many times to count.

    In 2019, I decided I wanted to target more doctors. So I started talking more about doctors on my blog posts and examples. I even created a new page on my website to target that market specifically. Yes, I still had other types of businesses calling me, but I was doing small things to move me into a new direction that I felt God calling me towards.

    We can all rebrand and redirect our focus because it’s human nature to be remade. We’re constantly shedding our skin, and new skin is replacing it.

    God uses entrepreneurship to help us be remade into our new selves – what He created us to do. But He won’t force the change on us. He wants us to keep asking, keep listening, and keep working with Him.

    The bible says:

    “So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

    (Luke 11:9 NIV)

    Jesus says to ask, seek, and knock. That’s three ways of saying the same thing – be continuous and relentless in pursuing the things of God.

    God won’t reveal our true brand’s calling all at once. It’s a continuous process where He wants to guide and teach along the journey. God will identify our brand in a process and progression that builds on itself throughout our entrepreneurial career.

    For this reason, you shouldn’t get hung up or stressed about being stuck between your old business model and the new direction God wants to take you. He wants to work THROUGH the process.

    There’s no formula or timeline of how this works. However, when God gives us a calling in business that is unique to us, we have to treat that with the most extraordinary care. We can’t allow that vision to be lost or forgotten with the hustle and bustle of life. We have to have a system and process in place to constantly be revisiting the calling.

    Deciding on a niche to serve is a process of documenting what God reveals to us and consistently revisiting and revising them. If we keep our calling top of mind, we’ll always stay focused on who we were meant to become in the marketplace.

    How do we keep our calling top of mind so God brings our niche more into focus and action?

    I’ve created a Trello board and Google Document dedicated to the purpose of writing out what God reveals to me about my purpose and calling. The more I revisit this and analyze it based on my current circumstances, the more my niche is revealed. Constantly reading and tweaking resurfaces the feelings towards solving the problem I was born to fix

    Get a journal or open a document on your computer or phone and record what God has been revealing to you. Remember, moments He spoke. Recall terrible client situations you never want to experience again and amazing clients you loved your work with them. Remember the situations you loved, and the products you that made you proud. Bring back moments where you helped someone, and it felt like you were in your zone. Write down Bible verses that impacted you and your business.

    Imagine if we all collected and compiled all of these things and revisited them every morning, even if it was just for 5 minutes. Let’s preserve and protect what God shows us because it will reveal the niche product or service you were called to bring to life. Simply keep returning again and again. God is faithful. He will bring the vision to life.

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    Entrepreneurs battle between choosing God and choosing our business and this often begins the moment we wake up in the morning.

    I’ve been waking up in the Word every morning for years. It’s not easy. If I still struggle to set aside the 100 things I have to do that day for my business, then I know others struggle too.

    Today, I want to give you practicals steps; you can take the first thing in the morning to help better you choose to make studying God’s Word your priority. My entire mission with Daily Godpreneur is to guide you to trust, follow, and serve the Lord in your business, DAILY.

    What’s Consuming Your Thoughts in the Morning?

    Do you use an alarm of some sort? Do you hit snooze once, twice, seven times? Do you lie in bed to “thaw out” for a few minutes, or do you get right up? There are many ways to wake up, but most of us probably lie in bed for a moment to orient ourselves. As you start the process of orienting yourself, do you begin to think about your day and all that is before you? Where do your thoughts go as your mind becomes alert?

    We have a choice to make every day, every morning when we wake up. Will it be God, or will it be self?

    It is amazing how quickly we can make ourselves, our schedules, or our to-do lists first in our thoughts and priorities. How often do we think of ourselves first and then maybe later at some point give a passing thought to God whom we proclaim as Lord and Savior?

    What about you? What is foremost in your mind and heart when you wake up? Who comes first? How do you spend the start of your day? Over the next couple of days, we are going to look at a practical way we can choose each day to be less self-focused and more God-focused.

    Begin today by taking a moment to identify the things, the thoughts,  the activities, or the emotions that can consume you and keep you from worshipping God and serving Him.

    Guided by a Plan

    As we seek to choose the Lord each day, it’s necessary to remember that we all have a desire to follow our flesh and think or do whatever “feels” right or seems easiest. As Paul argues in Romans 8, for those who are outside of Christ, there is no choice. Their sin entirely controls them. Believers, Paul says, have the Holy Spirit living within them. By the Spirit, we are becoming more and more like Jesus. The Holy Spirit gives us the power to overcome our flesh. As Joshua told the Israelites, we can choose.

    How might this choice play itself out, especially first thing in the morning? It seems that most people usually spend a few minutes gathering their thoughts for the day before they get out of bed in the morning. In these moments, it can be a temptation to choose to think first about our day, our schedule, what we need to do, who needs to be where, etc. Before we know it, we can fall prey to the lies of the enemy and begin dreading our day or feeling overwhelmed by it, and then try to tackle it as soon as our feet hit the floor.

    What if, instead, we were to choose the Lord? What if, by God’s grace, we would choose to fight our sinful flesh, put it to death as God’s Word instructs us, and set our minds on His way instead of allowing our thoughts to run amok? Practically, how would this look?

    We would begin by thanking the Lord for the gift of a new day and acknowledge that He alone is sovereign, that He alone is in control—not us. And then by His grace, we would put aside our thoughts, our concerns, and our agendas and draw near to God by spending time in His Word and prayer.

    No matter how much we think about our day or our agenda, the reality is that the day belongs to the Lord. If we start each day intentionally acknowledging this and acknowledging who we are in Christ, this practice could easily transform how we think about and live out the rest of the moments in the day. 

    Creating Anchors of Reminders

    It might be a good idea to write Joshua 24:15 or a similar passage on a 3×5 card and place it next to your bed or on your bathroom mirror so you can be reminded first thing in the morning to choose God. You can even paste the verse in a reminder in your calendar or schedule it as an alarm on your phone. 

    Seeing Scriptures such as these first thing in the morning or throughout the day can help you immediately see and think truth and be able to focus on it instead of the temporary things of your up-coming day. 

    We need God’s grace, and this is a reminder that we can choose to set our mind on God, or we can choose to set our mind on ourselves. As soon as we awake, if we allow our thoughts to be focused on ourselves or our circumstances. What would we feel in the end? We’ll feel discouraged! By contrast, if we choose to pray and seek the Lord instead, there can be peace, hope, and renewal.

    Remember, you can choose each day whom you will serve. And though it will take a moment-by-moment reorienting of your mind throughout your day, this choice begins first thing in the morning. So as you enter into this daily choice, trust in the One who created the new day and you. He will provide the grace you need to make each of the days ahead His.

    Take a moment now to pray and seek the Lord. Ask Him to help you choose Him first each day and moment-by-moment throughout the day. Write out Joshua 24:15 or copy and paste it as a reminder into your calendar. May God be your all in all! 

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    My key to THRIVING during this pandemic was staying PRESENT in my work – my purpose and calling. God brought me clients that only came because they had time during the quarantine, assigned uniquely to me because I was qualified and in my zone of genius.

    As we all launch into this unknown and unchartered territory of reengaging in business post-quarantine, uncovering and launching the business God created us to do is of the highest importance. Our relationships with people, and the solutions our products and services provide, are of the utmost urgency!

    What if you don’t know what to do? Pray. Your God is faithful even in the middle of disasters. He still speaks and directs your business dreams.

    Godpreneur, what is God asking you to launch in your present NOW. Not when the dust settles, and the economy improves, but TODAY.

    That “shoulda, woulda, coulda” feeling of that product or service… that’s the work God wants you to LAUNCH NOW! It might not make sense, but that’s what launching into the unknown with God is all about – faith.

    God hasn’t changed His mind about your calling in business just because the world’s future is uncertain. A calling from God isn’t subject to the things of this world.

    Here are two important things to consider that will help you launch into the unknown during any crisis or challenge.

    Ask God to Do His Work Through You

    I was playing golf with my friend Julio, and he said something profound. He said, “God laughs at our plans.” I stayed stuck on that thought. God would laugh either because our business plans are much smaller than what He has for us, or, our ideas are outrageously out of line with His calling for us.

    But what I couldn’t stop thinking about was the fact that we have a plan, and then there is God’s plan.

    We want God to revive our businesses. We’ve spent weeks in quarantine plotting our return to entrepreneurship; however, we likely prayed for God to restore OUR work, and maybe not HIS work.

    Leading a God-first business requires us to pray for a God-centered work to be done in the marketplace. It has very little to do with any of our abilities and all to do with work that only God can do. We become vessels willing to carry out the plan.

    An act of God will reveal your calling to respond. However, with the economy messed up, business revenue down, and our pausing on projects, our businesses could use some life, we might be tempted to ask God to revive some previous version of our business. We need to ask ourselves if asking for God to restore something WE want is in line with the NEW work HE might wish to do.

    The Bible says

    Lord , I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord . Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy.

    (Habakkuk 3:2 NIV)

    A God-first business owner makes God-centered requests. God is the bigger picture behind business-ownership and entrepreneurship. He’s the entire reason for the launch of the products and services, so it’s Him that can do all the work!

    You might be tempted to ask God to revive YOUR previous business. Let me encourage you to pick your head up out of the weeds, look around, and see the BIGGER PICTURE. Entrepreneurship is not about what you want, it’s about stewarding God’s calling to accomplish His eternal work.

    Our place in God’s plan, our mark on it—is our brand. This is what will give us our purpose and significance. The trick is to ask nothing of ourselves, but instead to let God move in and through our businesses in a fantastic way.

    Being a Daily Godpreneur is a way we seek His face so we can move into the unknown one day at a time.

    Successfully launching into the unknown with confidence and excitement requires us to fully embrace that God is the Creator and sustainer of every industry and marketplace. He is supreme, and whatever WE might want pales in comparison to what only HE can do.

    Imagine if all of us Godpreneurs had the perspective of asking God to do what only He can do. This is the HOPE needed to launch into the unknown successfully.

    Pray for God to revive HIS work in your business.

    Choose to Rejoice

    I’m an optimistic guy. I can find good in any situation. Throughout the pandemic, I didn’t get any anxiety, stress, or depression, even though I had lost revenue. Instead, I praised God for the slow down in my life, for bringing me home to my family, and for letting me spend more time with my son.

    I chose to rejoice, even though everything was chaotic, and the economy was falling apart.

    When we face challenges in business, we can choose to let the fear overtake us, or we can choose to rejoice in God. It’s this very attitude that we need to embrace to have the ENERGY we need to launch into the unknown.

    The Bible says

    yet I will rejoice in the LORD;
    I will take joy in the God of my salvation. 

    (Habakkuk 3:18)

    On the edge of the UNKNOWN that we all face as we re-launch, we Godpreneurs make the only choice that provides peace, freedom, and hope to those in need. We must choose to rejoice.

    But how will it be possible for us to rejoice when many of us get backed up on bills, business doors shut, and need to start over from scratch? How can we choose to celebrate instead of letting depression overtake us and become another victim of the circumstances, worrying ourselves, too sick to launch anything?

    The Bible says

    Counting on God’s Rule to prevail, I take heart and gain strength. I run like a deer. I feel like I’m king of the mountain!

    (Habakkuk 3:19 MSG)

    For an entrepreneur, this means that God is the business plan, the execution strategy, and the leader through the storm. Putting God in charge of the business plan helps the entrepreneur keep launching into the unknown as if the victory has already happened.

    God will be the fuel your rocket needs to launch. If you trusted God in your business before, why wouldn’t you believe it in the most uncertain of times?

    For the first time in history, all of humanity sits at the same playing field, holding on to hope day-by-day. Not even the smartest wall street people know what’s coming for the economy. However, the promise of God is sure and unmistakable. 

    When God is first in our businesses, we don’t launch in fear or terror. We faithfully step into the unknown, making spiritual and business progress despite marketplace troubles – however dreadful things might look.

    For us, Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs, fear in the face of suffering won’t stop us. We have faith over the fear. We have faith in our great responsibility to move forward with Jesus guiding our launch (or re-launch) plans. Father, Son, and Spirit is OUR STRENGTH.

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    Subject lines that sell. Calls to action that hook you. Massive product launches. Marketers are obsessed with the extraordinary. They use hyperbole and blast glittery images because consumers have committed fully to the alluring call of the amazing.

    Marketers betray branding because, absurdly, they don’t find branding amazing enough. The story. The why behind it all. Marketers have ROI in their eyes. This is going to be a hit launch. We’ll sell thousands and the world will know our product or service. Marketers are devastated that branding doesn’t meet those expectations.

    We’ve bought into the seduction of “extreme marketing” because we do not believe in the ordinary. We need some marketing magic, something new and huge and… amazing.

    The problem is this: marketing magic is just an exaggeration of the ordinary. What we call amazing is either a manipulation or an exaggeration of what is the normal brand.

    Branding tells us, “seek me, and I will provide a great product and unparalleled service because this is what I’m called to do.” How many times do we ask our friends for recommendations on products? No marketing. Just the plain little authentic review from a fan. Authentic fans will blow marketers away. Brand evangelists will amaze you with the purpose behind the products and services; with the places this brand will take you to.

    We should embrace that real success in entrepreneurship is in the everyday, the mundane, the here and now. We get excited when we hear of new marketing techniques. Yes, we want to sell more. But marketing is just a sign pointing to the ordinary things of your calling in business. When we lean in to running the business God created us to start, the unsearchable riches He whispers are of the ordinary: peace, hope, love, service. We might back away feeling underwhelmed. But these are the greatest treasures of heaven and earth!

    The Bible says

    ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ (Jeremiah 33:3 NIV)

    Do not be seduced by a false marketing perspective. You have all you need to make your product successful – the story of WHY you did it… The calling from God!

    Do not be seduced into waiting for a magic shortcut. The viral marketing miracles are just a tool to show you what is available all the time when you choose branding.

    Purpose. Thankfulness that you were chosen to solve a problem. Awareness to your calling. These are the elements of being an entrepreneur that are truly divine. Truly Amazing.

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    All of us entrepreneurs faced an unprecedented crisis together. However, I noticed there were two types of people: ones that let fear and anxiety overtake them, and another group that was hopeful, positive, and personally flourished.

    This quarantine showed me not only how to survive the present mix of trouble, suffering, and responsibility, but how to FLOURISH during a crisis!

    God didn’t just want us, business owners, to “survive” this moment in history. He wanted us to LEAD through it and THRIVE from it! I learned that you have to stay in the present moment, connect with others, use your gifting, and keep taking faith-filled steps every day!

    God equipped us for a higher purpose. Our purpose is where we find the strength and resolve to push through ANY crisis, even a pandemic.

    Here are my three most significant lessons I’m taking away from the COVID-19 shutdown.

    Lesson 1 – Be the Light

    Over quarantine, I learned that busyness doesn’t equal importance or significance. The hustle and bustle of owning a business had left me overscheduled and overstressed. I had little or no margin that would allow me time to connect with my past clients or linger on a conversation with a prospect.

    One thing I learned in the last month, however, is that it is in being connected to others that we find entrepreneurship’s real satisfaction and our purpose in business.

    Jesus told his followers, 

    “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

    (Matthew 5:13‭-‬16 NIV)

    You and your business are the salt and the light of the earth!

    Christian entrepreneurs, the only way we can be salt in the lives of others is to touch the lives of others and take TIME to know them. The faith and hope YOU bring to the conversation of “uncertainty” will always enhance the lives of the people you do business with. The love and kindness you show to others in Jesus’ name will be the guiding light as WE ALL step into the unknown.

    Although “the world” has introduced social distancing and isolation, the contrarian nature of God will prevail. Godpreneurs will rise to find new and innovative opportunities to CONNECT with employees, prospects, clients, vendors, and contractors this week.

    The next generation of entrepreneurs will help people connect in new ways to make someone’s day better and enhance their lives.

    Lesson 2 – Stay Focused on Your Purpose

    Over quarantine, I learned that knowing my purpose and sticking to my calling helped me shut out the negativity around me to continue moving forward into each unknown day.

    For years, I’ve blogged about how important knowing your purpose in business is. Discovering an entrepreneur’s calling is the first step to helping them with their logo and website. It’s a REQUIREMENT before moving forward with launching someone’s brand. Why? Because when the winds and waves come crashing all around, a purpose keeps the business anchored to weather the storm.

    Notice that during this quarantine, having a busy schedule, accumulating achievements, or having a lot of money wasn’t the vaccine against suffering. Even the most “successful” people in the world were on the same rollercoaster ride. People who thought, “my purpose in business is to make a lot of money,” had their whole reason for existing come crashing down.

    We could all go through a major depression if we don’t know our purpose in business. Chaos and crisis are meaningless without a purpose behind it. If we don’t know our calling, we frantically drift to other ideas, daydreaming our way to another venture instead of making TODAY count.

    If we’re not running purpose-focused brands, we keep imagining some better situations for our lives when business will be good, missing out on what God has for our business TODAY.

    How can we succeed today with so much uncertainty tomorrow? How can we find meaning in dark times? How can we have the faith needed to smile, even with our achievements and money stripped away?

    The Bible says

    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.

    (Romans 8:28‭-‬29 NIV)

    God created everyone with a purpose. He knitted entrepreneurs from the womb with a calling and a business plan that would fulfill the mission.

    You and your business exist for a purpose. Yes, this purpose is essential for your branding, marketing, operations, and human resources. But it’s also vital for your success during uncertain, chaotic times. And sure as the sun will rise, challenges in business will ALWAYS exist.

    Whether times are good or bad, fulfilling your God-intended purpose in business will sustain you moment to moment, day to day, into the unknown. Although the future is unknown, your purpose is very much known by the creator of the universe. Your calling is what you, as a Christian entrepreneur, must hold on to.

    Having your purpose secured let’s you “not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time [you] will reap a harvest if [you] do not give up (Galatians 6:9).

    Although I don’t know the exact purpose of your business, I know that it has to do with solving problems for people. God has put a lot of people around you, and you were created to have a relationship with them so you can bring solutions to their lives. That solution will bless them, whether they are an employee, client, or business partner.

    If you don’t make the connection that you’re here to serve others, you can make the mistake of thinking business is all about you and meeting your own needs. That’s narcissism. This is the fastest way to lose sight of your purpose – which is to be a blessing to others with the problems you can solve in any circumstance our business is in.

    When you see your products or services make a difference in somebody else’s life, that’s what makes your business abundant. When you see your money help employees and vendors move their purposes forward, that gives your life meaning.

    Today, God wants to use us to make a difference in somebody’s life. Accomplishing this may not look the same as it did yesterday, but our purpose is still the same.

    This quarantine interrupted all of our plans. Our days are not the same, but be encouraged to know God still has a purpose for you TODAY. We can be grateful in this exact moment and praise God because we are fearfully and wonderfully made; his works are wonderful, and we know this full well! (Psalms 139:14)

    We don’t wait until the chaos is over, and all our needs met to help others. We are Godpreneurs. God meets our needs. We, in turn, can then help others achieve their needs. Helping others is a common purpose we can all count on during challenging, uncertain times.

    Has quarantine lost our ability to help and bless others? We were living a fast and furious, busy with business meetings, grinding and hustling, with no time to invest in others truly. But now, when it all stopped, we discovered that our real purpose in life is to connect with others and bless them with what skills and talents have been given to us.

    We were all just given an opportunity to slow down and be present. Everyone in the world was shown what it would be like to be here, today, without distractions. We’ve all connected with friends and family we haven’t spoken to in a while because we weren’t stuck in the tasks of the day.

    Now imagine if we all could move forward into the unknown with the same mindset we experienced in quarantine – being present, connecting with others, and enjoying the moments with those close to us. If that’s the purpose God set out for us, why wouldn’t it be the same in our businesses?

    The marketplace doesn’t need our busyness; it requires our purpose-focused business to be a shining light, bringing solutions to the industry and blessing the world with our calling.

    What the world needs from us Christian entrepreneurs are to see is the light of Jesus shining through us. Light is a beautiful thing when it shines in dark places.

    Lesson 3 – Being Intentional

    Over quarantine, I learned that I needed to be intentional about the relationships I wanted to keep, foster, or reignite. Since I would be confined to my home, and if I wanted my branding agency business to continue, I would need to purpose to reach out and develop authentic relationships.

    First, I took care of my home. I was intentional with setting a calendar for my family, connecting with my wife more, and spending more one-on-one time with my son. Once I had that routine in place, I was able to set my intentions on friends and family I wanted to be in touch with. And then I got to my employees and clients.

    If you notice, I was very intentional about one thing: staying connected to others. I wasn’t terrible about connecting with others before the quarantine, but this season certainly brought this important quality under a magnifying glass.

    Doesn’t it seem like the challenges and crisis brings essential things to the surface that God’s been trying to work on in our lives?

    Taking the initiative to connect with others is a hallmark of the Christian entrepreneur’s walk. This leadership quality is what fosters a culture of unity to the vision inside of our company. For sales and business growth, being intentional about connecting with past and current clients is the difference between good and great.

    How can we work on this all-important quality of intentionality across all levels of our business? Why is it so easy for others to be intentional, but it’s hard for us to develop this key ingredient to success?

    The Bible says

    Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

    (Hebrews 4:16 NIV)

    God doesn’t force a relationship with Him. Instead, He created a line of communication that starts with INTENTIONALLY accepting Jesus as His son, then INTENTIONALLY walking up with God’s throne with confidence to receive from Him.

    The formula for being intentional, and it’s return on investment, have been set for you and your business. And the extent to which you’re comfortable with being intentional with your relationship with God is how you’ll develop the habit of being intentional with others.

    There are three keys to developing the habit of being intentional that I want to share with you.

    1. Take Initiative – don’t wait around for others to reach out to you. Don’t wait for the phone to ring. Pick up the phone, open an email, start a text chat, and take the initiative to reach out. If that means you also need to do some “patch up” work to reconcile a broken relationship, then honor that holy-spirit inclination and step into the unknown.
    2. Be Vulnerable – be yourself. Tell people what’s honestly going on. Your employees or clients will appreciate you more when they see you don’t have it all together. They will accept you for who you are. You’re more human, relatable, and likable when you’re vulnerable.
    3. Give and Receive Grace – Not everyone you intend to reach out to will be overjoyed to connect with you. You don’t know what they are going through or what past hurts they are holding on to. This is your moment of grace. It doesn’t need to be earned; it only asks to be received (or given) and enjoyed. You receive the gift of God’s grace so it can be paid forward.

    We’re all going to be very busy when the quarantine is lifted. It seems like for the first time in humanity, we’ll all be going into unknown, unchartered territory together. The playing field has been leveled. We’re all standing at the foot of the cross, regardless of race, nationality, religion, economic status, or authority.

    This is an opportunity for us all to reboot.

    As we step into the unknown, let’s be focused on connecting with others, staying in our calling, and being intentional about the relationships the holy spirit is asking us to foster.

    Being a Godpreneur is all about showing your employees and customers, “I see you. I care about you.” 

    Let’s pray.

    Dear God, thank you for the seasons of crisis and chaos, for they reveal our need and dependency on you. Help me to connect with others, stay in my calling, and take the initiative. Thank you for the grace and mercy you have shown me. Help me to step into the unknown, by your side, led by the light of Christ.

    The post 3 Most Important Lessons for Christian Entrepreneurs from the Quarantine appeared first on Daily Godpreneur with Alex Miranda.

    When we’re feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed, our mind is restless. There’s no room for rest when our thoughts can’t stop. We’re up at night, tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling, wondering when things will go back to “normal.”

    But when we stand our ground on the calling that God has for us in this world, we can rest in that assurance.

    God wants to exchange your dark worries for His deep rest.

    I have several businesses. Most were negatively affected by COVID-19 and we’ll need to ride this storm out with those. But I’m standing my ground because I know I was called into those businesses. The hope I have in the outcome of those businesses lifts me above the challenges and sits me down to rest in His purpose for me.

    But when we don’t have a calling and purpose to press into for rest, we fill our minds and schedule with busyness to make ourselves think we have a purpose. We get the kids ready. We knock out deadlines. We attend more church Bible studies. We make more appointments. We check off tasks. 

    All the while, the depression still doesn’t let us…rest.  

    11% of Americans now take medication to treat depression. And that number will rise during and after the pandemic. It’s depressing just thinking about it.

    But God not only designs us for rest, but He desires for us Christian entrepreneurs to experience a deep, purpose-filled rest in Him!

    The Bible says:

    Be still before the Lord ; wait patiently for Him and entrust yourself to Him; (Psalms 37:7 AMP)

    Rest was designed by God as a tool to build trust in God. His plans are perfect when we trust in His playbook.

    Which business is distracting you from totally resting on Sundays?  In Exodus 23:12, God says, “Six days you shall do your work, but on the seventh day you shall rest; that your ox and your donkey may have rest, and the son of your servant woman, and the alien, may be refreshed.”

    Rest isn’t just for you, it’s for your entire team.  It’s for your family. It’s for your office, equipment, car, and all the tools that help you function. When you commit to rest, you let others rest too.

    What projects are you working day and night on without proper sleep?  In Genesis, God rested after creating the Earth. In Psalm 37:7, God said, “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him.”

    If you’re having trouble finding room for rest in your life, examine all the projects on your plate. What can you delegate, delay, or DROP in order to make time for rest?  You’ll find that it will give you more time to focus on the project God really needs you to work on.

    As I conclude my series on overcoming depression for Christian entrepreneurs, I want us to make a commitment to resting in God’s calling for our business. He’s got is in the palm of His hands. The pandemic only has a hold on our businesses if we allow it.  Resting in God places our trust back in His promises!


    “I will rest in my calling.” 

    “I don’t have to hurry to launch a business.”

    “I  don’t have to worry about how the money will come in.”

    “All my hope in entrepreneurship is in Jesus.”

    “My past business mistakes are gone.”

    “My  sins are forgiven.” 

    “God  is so good to me and my business.” 


    Overcoming Depression in Entrepreneurship Join Us on a 5-Day Business Bible Plan to Shift Your Mindset to the MORE God has for You.
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    The COVID-19 pandemic has made many people think twice about their decision to be an entrepreneur.

    Many people who were passionate about opening a restaurant won’t be re-opening. Business owners who didn’t have their finances in order and can’t pay their bills will second-guess the love and commitment they once felt for their venture.

    It’s easy to tell ourselves, “This is a good time to throw in the towel. I gave it a shot, but now it’s time to go back to the 9-5 grind and see who’s hiring.”

    But this is NOT a time for Christian entrepreneurs to be settling. Settling will only bring more depression into the heart because it begins to believe the lie that our purpose and calling in business is over. The dream dies a slow death but leaves in its place a void that depression and regret fill.

    No matter the tragedy of having to close your doors and lay off people.

    No matter what unpaid bills you face today.

    No matter what circumstances arise in the future after this pandemic is over.

    Jesus heals the darkest wounds of the Godpreneur’s heart. 

    Instead of retreating or giving up, a battle-wounded Christian business owner needs to assume a fighting position he or she should have already learned to be in daily — knees bent, bowed head, hands together, and a heart crying out for Jesus saying “This battle in my business is not mine, it’s the Lord’s.”

    When the COVID-19 pandemic began to hit the United States, my clients started calling me to “pause” their retainers with my agency. I was counting on their monies for payroll, rent, bills, and payments. From one day to the next, 75% of my revenue dropped.

    It could have been easy for me to throw in the towel, lay off all of my employees, tell myself “Oh Alex, how many times are you going to go through these financial struggles before you realize you just need to go work for someone. You don’t know how to run a business. You can’t keep your clients. You’re not going to make it past this one this time. Your time is up.”

    And although I’ve had those same thoughts throughout my 15-years of entrepreneurship, I was already battle-ready when I begin to hear those thoughts creep into my head.

    As business owners, we’ve already been through trials, tribulations, challenges, anxiety, stress, back-stabbing, layoffs, debt, and every other negative circumstance in business.  The journey of entrepreneurship isn’t a straight road with perfectly paved roads. No. Going out and starting a business is a pilgrimage of twists, turns, and unknown dangers around every corner.

    And how did we get back up every time?

    We guarded our hearts and our minds of any negative thoughts. We silenced the enemy and the critics. We went against the sage advice of our mother-in-laws and we kept on fighting for for our calling of entrepreneurship.

    The Bible says:

    Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. (Proverbs 4:23)

    The heart has to be guarded because not only is our own heart deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9), but everyone’s hearts are also plagued with wicked hearts. This is why GUARDING the heart is the most important thing an entrepreneur needs to do daily.

    God has called you to Entrepreneurship, right? God gave you a vision for a business, correct? You feel a purpose and a passion to fix a wrong in this world, true?  You have a burning desire to lead a movement and share something God’s put on your heart, amen?

    If you let your heart drift towards negative thoughts of defeat, failure, and uncertainty, then it will be easy for the enemy to sell you a lie as the truth. Even our well-intentioned parents can unknowingly be attacking your calling in business, and these are our most trusted advisors!

    The truth about who you are can only be found in one place: Jesus Christ.

    If you don’t guard your heart and the calling that God has over you and your business, you’re leaving the door of depression wide open to destroy the destiny God has for your entrepreneurial journey.

    Depression can creep in when your heart begins to question God’s truth.

    That’s how depression kills.  And that’s exactly why Jesus came to heal. The enemy sold a lie to Adam and Eve, made them question their purpose and calling from God, and it changed the trajectory of humanity.

    Your depression might be a deep cut that’s been untreated for many years, and this pandemic re-opened wounds that are simply too painful to bear. Jesus wants to heal those deep wounds that have resurfaced. He wants to take the darkest tragedy in your life, and turn it into your biggest triumph!

    Let Jesus into your heart to fight the enemy, heal your wounds, and set you free into the business God created you to start.

    Say “The battle is not mine, it’s the Lord’s.”

    Imagine if we would have developed the habit of presenting our concerns every morning in the loving hands of our Heavenly Father. When this pandemic hit and things went haywire, we wouldn’t have been hit so hard. The anxiety wouldn’t have stayed for more than 24 hours. The depression wouldn’t have been allowed to form because we would have turned it over in our morning time with God.

    Now is the time to develop the habit of guarding our hearts and minds by giving the current circumstances over to God, resting in His presence, and awaiting his marching orders for our businesses.

    The time of solitude from others is a time we all joyfully persevere by guarding our entrepreneurial hearts, all the way through this valley to the end of this quarantine. We must protect our joy for business-ownership.

    Let’s rely on God, not ourselves or the news. Praying every morning and pressing into God’s word is more powerful than turning on the news to find comfort in being informed.  Only the personal presence of God powering our spirits will produce the INSPIRATION we need to move into the NEW He has for us. 

    Every morning, we need to authentically come to God with the deceitful lies and wicked thoughts of our hearts. He already knows He’s waiting for us to RELEASE it to Him so that He can fight the battle while we go out and fulfill on the calling He fashioned us from the womb to accomplish.

    Godpreneurs, this isn’t about us. Stop making this circumstance so personal. We need to take ourselves out of the economic scenario in the world. God operates in a whole different stock market. In His kingdom, Jesus is the President, King, Prime Minister, Minister of Health, and Head of the Federal Reserve.  It’s all about following the way Jesus followed His own calling and purpose. Jesus guarded his heart in the desert, and that allowed him to finish his purpose. We need to do the same. In everything we do, we need to strive to become the entrepreneur Christ died for us to be.

    Let’s pray

    Today, I pray that you will guard your heart from the things that take away your joy and delight in the PURPOSE God gave you for your business. May we never drop the precious gift of your calling over our entrepreneurial life in exchange for things like worry, anxiety, and depression that are not meant for us to carry. Your presence over the thing we were BORN TO DO is enough, will always be enough, and is what I commit to staying focused on. Even when things around me are uncertain, my calling in the marketplace is still true today!

    Rid my heart of toxic thoughts and replace it with thoughts that please You and obey your calling over my identity in entrepreneurship. Lord, because of You I am forever grateful and equipped for every good work. Guide me towards the problems you need me to solve; the light you need me to be in this NEW world you’re creating. The world is shaken, but my purpose in You is not. 


    Overcoming Depression in Entrepreneurship Join Us on a 5-Day Business Bible Plan to Shift Your Mindset to the MORE God has for You.
    Heard of the Godpreneur Academy? Grow Your Business, God’s Way!

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    The post Fighting Feelings of Depression in Entrepreneurship by Focusing on This appeared first on Daily Godpreneur with Alex Miranda.

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