A lady went to her pastor crying uncontrollably, "Papa please help me"

    How can i help you? because i can't see any problem in you. She deeped her hand into her handbeg and brought out a picture that she took many years ago.

    When the pastor saw the picture, he agreed that there was a serious problem.

    My dear what's the problem? She replied: "daddy, i went to the hospital and i was diagnosed with HIV/ AIDS and i have been on medication but am tired, i just want to die".

    As the pastor closed his eyes while crying to God in prayers, God said, tell her that she's carrying a report which is not hers.

    The pastor said to her, "hey my dear, carry your medical report, go and see another doctor, Jehovah says you are HIV Negative"

    She left and went straight to a different doctor, after a test, she came out negative.

    She came back to church and thank God for healing her of HIV/ AIDS.

    No no no my dear, said the pastor. "My God did not heal you rather you were carrying a wrong report"

    Hear me!!!

    If you are poor thats not your report.

    If you are in debts thats not your report.

    If you are single, thats not your report.

    If you are barren, thats not your report.

    If you are sick, thats not your report.

    If you are jobless, thats not your report.

    If you are delayed, thats not your report.

    If you are possesed, thats not your report.

    If you fail exams, thats not your report.

    That thing thats not making you happy in your life is not your report.

    Am praying for you now, as you are busy Sharing this to 5 different Facebook groups and typing amen ! Heavenly Father will visit you today to give you your right report, people have been carrying wrong reports for years and years without knowing what they carry. But today, your bad report will change for good in Jesus name. Don’t joke with this for today is the end of bad reports in your life!

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