• The Altar and The Sword
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    "Believers cannot expect their High Priest to wield God's sharp sword, His Word which pierces to the separation of soul and spirit, unless first they are willing to come to the cross and accept its death.  Lying on the altar always precedes the plunging of the sword.  Hence all who desire to experience the parting of the soul and spirit must answer the Lord's call to Calvary and lay themselves unreservedly on the altar, trusting their High Priest to operate with His keen Sword to the dividing asunder of their spirit and soul. For us to lie on the altar is our free-will offering well-pleasing to God; to use the sword to divide is the work of the priest. We should fulfill our part with all faithfulness, and commit the rest to our merciful and faithful High Priest."

    (The Spiritual Man, Watchman Nee)

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