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    Turnaround Greetings from the admins and Modertors of this group (WINNER'S CHAPEL WORLDWID) we give glory to God for hands of favor on this group from the beginning till day to him alone be all the glory. Note 1)Please let understand that this group is not run by the leadership of living Faith church Aka Winners Chapel international by run by some passionate members of the church. 2)this group a spiritual group, so be spiritually minded at all time so you can enjoy the spiritual backup from God in this group ( the same in the life of our spiritual Father bishop David oyedepo). 3) please understand the admins and Modertors are working with Matthew 6 vs 33 and revelation 22 vs 12, so if anyone is asking for any support using the name of the admins and Modertors the person is fake because the admins and Modertors will never ask for any support from anyone in and out this groups. 4) please be careful of fake people online they are everywhere, even this group, so if anyone add you to a group without your opinion please leave the group, we don't stop anyone to start a relationship in this group but we are saying be spiritually minded So you will NOT be hurt. . 5) in this group we accept only Godly messages and opinions but without link, phone number and email address, we share Godly books on our WhatsApp group, we share Godly music and movies in our groups.

    6) We pray and CELEBRATE with one and other in this group and always feel free to ask any admins and Modertors questions and always report anything wrong to the admins and Modertors. Please understand that only God is Perfect. God bless you all

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