1. God is the reason why you are in business. If you think you are in business just for yourself, you will never make a good business. For you are without God.

    2. You have to put God first in your business.

    3. Every business will fail without God.

    4. You can’t win life battles without being a godpreneur.

    5. Godpreneur increases your faith.

    6. Godpreneur is who you are.

    7. Godpreneur is who you are meant to become.

    8. Godpreneurs are grateful to God for the good brought to their business and life.

    9. Godpreneurs attend church all the time.

    10. Godpreneurs have God in common in their business, life and ministry.

    11. Godpreneurs have God ability.

    12. Godpreneurs have God’s Holy Spirit in business.

    13. Godpreneurs have God kind of performance in their business, life and ministry.

    14. Godpreneurs never stop learning new things.

    15. Godpreneurs are writers. They record every experience that exist from God to mankind. 

    16. Godpreneurs is devouted to their business.

    17. Godpreneurs have the passion of God for their business.

    18. Godpreneur used the word of God, for the good and not for the bad. It is good to be doing good business than bad business.

    19. Godpreneurs carry the grace of God while doing business.

    20. It is God who made the godpreneur.

    21. When you are a Godpreneur you are positioned at the very center of success. You are the best of it all. You shall never be a failure.

    22. Godpreneurs are open-minded. They live by the grace of God.

    23. Godpreneurs read good books daily. The more you read good books the more you produce all the good results you need for good living.

    24. Godpreneurs are encouraging and lovely people.

    25. Godpreneurs are prayerful people.

    26. Godpreneurs are hard worker.

    27. Godpreneurs are approved of God in the business and in the ministry of life.

    28. GODPRENEUR are godstarter

    29. Godpreneurs operate a God centered business.

    30. Godpreneurs are Holy and divine blessed people.

    31. Godpreneurs knew what super breakthroughs is in business and life.

    32. Godpreneurs are positioned by God.

    33. Godpreneurs believed all the business they ever needed comes from God and Good alone.

    34. Godpreneurs are good leaders in the business world.

    35. Godpreneurs are good recorder in the business world.

    36. Godpreneurs knew what God want them to do in business all the time.

    37. Godpreneurs are afraid to fail God in the business world. Godpreneurs do everything possible to make sure every thing they do are in line with the grace of God for their lives. They would not willingly or unwillingly make God angry through sinning against Him.

    38. Godpreneurs are business motivation and motivators.

    39. Godpreneurs love their work, business and family with the love of God.

    40. Godpreneurs are fulfilled by the work that they do.

    41. Godpreneurs are not into life and business.

    42. Godpreneurs save Christian businesses all over the world.

    43. Godpreneurs have learned to live by the testimonies of their lives.

    44. Godpreneurs are faithful people.

    45. Godpreneurs read books always to make the success that they ever needed in their business daily.

    46. Godpreneurs are faithful people.

    47. Godpreneurs receive their ideas from God.

    48. Godpreneurs are powerful business men and women.

    49. Godpreneurs do business with the fear of God.

    50. Godpreneurs are faithful people.

    51. Godpreneuers are well positioned by God in all round business.

    52. Godpreneurs are positioned by God.

    53. Godpreneurs are blessed by God

    54. Godpreneurs are motivated by God to do business.

    55. Godpreneurs are peaceful people.

    56. Godpreneurs are truthful people.

    57. Godpreneurs seek god heart and decision before making any important decision in their business life.

    58. Godpreneurs are not guided by the spirit of the fresh.

    59. Godpreneurs do business that are Holy and acceptable before God. 

    60. What rules the life of Godpreneurs is faith.

    61. Godpreneurs are truthful people.

    62. God is at the center of every Godpreneur business.

    63. Godpreneurs are the real thing to live with by the grace of God.

    64. Godpreneurs are saved by grace.

    65. Godpreneurs are saved by God.

    66. Godpreneurs are Godly people with faith.

    67. Godpreneurs hear the word of God when the way prays to God. They would hear the voice of god before they would do business with any one. To this, extent they rarely fall into the hands of fraudulent peoples.

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