• Business departments
  •  The business department offers a business major with several concentrations. The biblically integrated academic curriculum prepares students for a variety of job opportunities in both Christian organizations and secular business and/or graduate school by developing their intellectual capacity, leadership abilities, spiritual lives, and attitude of service.

    Dr. Donna Marion

    Dean of Professional Studies

    Mr. John Cuendet

    Chair of Business Department

    Leadership. Fine-tuned skills. Irreproachable ethics. You’ll be prepared to begin an exciting career in business, confident that your knowledge and training will set you ahead of your colleagues.

    Experienced faculty will guide you through real-world projects. You’ll develop lifelong connections with classmates and industry experts. And you’ll complete your degree ready to serve the Lord as a successful, capable professional.

    The Division of Professional Studies comprises the business and education departments of Pensacola Christian College, which both offer undergraduate and graduate degrees.

    The business major provides a strong foundation for accounting, economics, business communication, and computer applications. General knowledge of business principles complements the instruction provided in the chosen concentration. Principles, techniques, theory, and practical applications are all parts of a balanced program that presents a value-centered curriculum that applies Christian principles to every aspect of life.

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