• Top ten wealthiest men on earth
  •  27th Feb 2021 Isaac John

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    Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos is vie

    wed by many as the richest person to have ever walked the earth however there are many billionaires and even trillionaires that have come before him.

    That being said it can be challenging to estimate the wealth of someone who is born in the 1400s or someone who owned a kingdom but using the opinions of several different experts a pretty clear list can be compiled.

    In this article we’re going to take a look at the top ten richest people of all time and see how they owned their wealth and what exactly they used it for.

    10. William the Conqueror $230 billion

    When you have the word Conqueror in your name it tenses that you’re going to have quite a few assets.

    William the Conqueror was born around 1028 and went on to become the first Norman King of England. His estimated fortune reached its height at around two hundred and thirty billion dollars a little less than double Jeff Bezos is fortunate.

    So how did he amass such a wealth? well his name gives that one away as one did in England back in the hey day William earned his fortune by pillaging pretty much everyone he conquered.

    England in 1066 a conquest they saw the loss of around one hundred thousand lives. when he was crowned king he did several things that shifted England he banned slavery and made everyone in England speak Frankish because he wasn’t fluent in English.

    During his wealthy reign he had over five hundred castles built across England and Wales and he became one of the largest land owners in England of all time he was known to eat well and wear fine clothes so much so that when he passed on in 1087 his clothes and jewelry were immediately stripped from his body by Lucas leaving him naked.

    9. Osman Ali Khan $236 billion

    One of the most recent billionaires on this list Osman Ali Khan was featured on the cover of Time magazine in 1937 as the world’s richest person, the last ruler of the princely state in Hyderabad in India his wealth was well known.

    Modern experts estimate that his wealth hovered around two hundred and thirty six billion dollars but the Guinness Book of World Records claimed that he was worth 750 billion unfortunately will I have to go with the experts on this one that being said.

    Osman Ali Khan lived a life few of us could ever imagine the Jacob diamond which is the fifth biggest polish diamond in the world was in his constant possession.

    One might assume he would set it on a ring or a necklace or a glass case but Osman Ali Khan used the precious diamond as a paper weight in his office but that wasn’t the only jewel he owned.

    He owned a large collection of jewels known as the jewels of Nissan’s that were passed down from ruler to ruler.

    This collection included 173 jewels including 2,000 carats worth of emeralds dozens of pearls studded necklaces buckles earrings arm bands and this satella de a necklace embedded with 465 pearls.

    Altogether the jewels are estimated to be worth two billion dollars, only a fraction of his immense wealth yet despite owning such a wealth living in a massive palace owning 50 rolls-royce vehicles and a having 300 servants Osman didn’t always reflect his financial status.

    He was known to wear the same hat for nearly his entire life, he ate his food on a tin plate and was known to beg his guests to bum a cigarette.

    He was even known to knit his own socks over the course of his rule he introduced electricity airplanes and railways to the district he was also known for donating much of his wealth to educational institutions and religious institutions through out India.

    8. Nikolay Romanov $300 billion

    Russia has had its fairshare of wealthy families and the Romanovs are perhaps the most well known, unfortunately for them their wealth is one of the reasons they were massacred.

    Nikolay Romanov the last Tsar of Russia was estimated to have around 300 billion dollars to his name he’s viewed by many modern historians as a weak incompetent leader and historians weren’t the only ones who felt that way Nikolay was even credited himself saying I am not prepared to be a Tsar I never wanted to be one, i know nothing of the business of ruling.

    However his incompetence and reluctance to be a ruler doesn’t mean he didn’t enjoy his spoils, he had an annual salary of two hundred thousand rubles with an additional twenty thousand rubles to spend on clothes and miscellaneous items.

    However he constantly overshot that twenty thousand dollar limits often spending an additional one hundred and fifty thousand rubles for reference factory workers only earned five hundred rubles per year and high-ranking generals only made five thousand rubles.

    His spending money was 40 times that of the annual salary of an average worker, so what exactly did he spend all that money on? pretty much anything you wanted, he regularly spent twenty thousand rubles to have clothes and military uniforms custom-made for himself, his wife also joined in on these shopping sprees she was known to spend forty thousand rubles on extravagant jewelry.

    Then there are the events that Nikolaj spent his money on his coronation was the most expensive coronation in Russia’s history 24 tons of silver and gold tablewares were brought to the event, a choir of 1200 people were hired to serenade the couple. He loved to throw parties for his country and himself.

    On the 300th anniversary of the dynasty he celebrated by pardoning all civil debts and had over 1.5 million gold silver and bronze medals made to commemorate the event in addition he mass-produced postal stamps handkerchiefs and mugshave celebrated the event basically he sent everyone away with really expensive goodie bags he was also known for eating extravagant meals and going on lavish trips.

    His kitchen was manned by 55 people and offered three levels of meals the most simple still included a fullcourse breakfast 5 course lunch and the full course dinner. The food was so upscaled that the left overs were served as delicacies at local restaurants.

    His trips were most often hunting trips 50 crew members were brought to make the experience as luxury as possible and that included painters who had paint scenes from the hunt.

    His annual hunting budget was equivalent to the yearly three of 100 school teachers if that’s not extravagant wealth, well I don’t know what is.

    7. Andrew Carnegie $309 Billion

    When you think of wealthy American families chances are the Carnegie’s come to mind.

    Andrew Carnegie was a steel magnate who went from working in a factory changing spools of thread to having a net worth of 309 billion dollars according to research experts.

    He started his early career working as a telegraph messenger, his success hardwork and attention to detail led him to becoming the superintendent of the Western Division of Pennsylvania Railroad.

    By the time he was 24 his superiors at his jobs taught him about business and influenced his investing which led him to investing a lot of money in the well road industry.

    Right as it began to boom after the Civil War Carnegie left the railroad business and went on to develop several ironworks companies namely Keystone bridge works and the Union ironworks.

    He also launched the Carnegie steel company which he sold to JP Morgan for an outstanding thirteen billion dollars.

    His wealth was immense and well known but he took a rather modern approach to using it he wrote a book “the Gospel of wealth” which discusses the wealthy social responsibility.

    His most famous quote “the man who dies rich dies disgraced” was also practiced by him he donated the equivalent of 4.8 billion dollars to charities and upon his death gave most of it away.

    He left his family with a small sum of his wealth and also left sizable amounts to his housekeeper, nurse main servant and his Butler.

    6. Jakob Fugger $400 Billion

    Jakob Fugger was one rich man that ever walked the earth, jokes aside Jakob Fugger was actually known as

    Jacob the rich and for good reason he’s estimated whoever had a fortune of around four hundred billion dollars.

    Back in the good old 1400s Jacob’s parents owned their fortune trading textiles with Italy when Jacob came of age he started mining operations for silver Quicksilver copper and cinnabar.

    He had a talent for investing and he often spread his wealth across many different industries and it worked out pretty well for him by the time he had truly made it he was loaning money out to the Vatican.

    His money helped build many of the Vatican’s buildings including the Sistine Chapel.

    He was known to spend his money on some rather lavish things from time to time and in a period of extreme wealth in Italy and often meant building homes art and fine clothing.

    His wife greatly benefited from this at one point in his life he bought his wife forty thousand guilders worth of jewelry.

    His own home was four storeys tall and was at the time a modern Renaissance building, there were water fountains and fireplaces in every single room.

    He was also quite a giver he founded fuga ray which became the first low-income housing program in the world there are 52 homes on the property that housed families in difficult situations.

    The yearly rent was once symbolic gild although the residences did have to pray for the foger family three times per day.

    Fogger ray is still standing with residents to this day and they still only have to pay one Gilder per year which equals about 88 cents there’s no word on if they still have to pray for the family however.

    5. John Drockefeller $400 billion

    Good old Jeff may be the most wealthy American right now but he’s got a long way to go to beat the wealthiest American of alltime John d rockefeller that name should sound familiar to you the oil tycoon had a fortune of around 400 billion dollars.

    He founded this Standard Oil Company in 1870 which began to skyrocket in value shortly after.

    At one point in time Standard Oil Company controlled 90% of the oil in the United States. His personal wealth became so enormous that his fortune was 2% of the national economy.

    With all his money Rockefeller lived an incredibly comfortable life. He owned houses across the United States most notably he owned kikes wheat a forty home room with views of New YorkCity.

    The home took six years to complete and featured collections of Chinese ceramics in twentieth-century art but the kikes wheat home was just the beginning, the home was set on an estate had would come to be known as the pokein TECO estate.

    The estate covered three thousand five hundred and ten acres and included 75 houses, seventy roads and nine whole reverse golf course outdoor, swimming pools, several tennis courts, a fully sized bowling alley billiard halls and its own farm and Gardens.

    Rockefeller wasn’t well liked by much of the public but he as really stepped his philanthropy game up. He donated ten percent of his income yearly to charity.

    4. Akbar 1 $500 Billion

    Akbar first owned a massive Empire in the 1500s and he had quite a fortune – estimated to have been around 500 billion dollars though some estimates say he was worth even more as a direct descendant of Genghis Khan.

    He had ruling and conquering in his blood, he worked hard from the moment he took the throne to conquer as much territory as possible tripling it in his size by the end of his rule known as the Mughal Empire.

    His reign stretched across India all the way into northern Afghanistan he was most known for his religious tolerance which was most unheard of in the time.

    Although he was Muslim many of his closest advisors and with city leaders were Hindu, he took an active role in uniting the two religions and allowing individuals the freedom to choose.

    He was known for helping translate Hindu literature and he even took a active role in the Hindu festivals little is known about how his wealth was spent but it is known that he had a lot of it.

    His Empire controlled 25% of the world’s GDP for years his palace was sent to have exquisite carving small paintings and extremely rare furniture.

    3. Augustus Caesar Julius $4.3 Trillion

    Caesar maybe more well known but his heir Augustus Caesar was no rich one he is the only confirmed trillionaire in history owning a fifth of the wealth of the Roman Empire which accounted for 30% of the world’s GDP at the time.

    Most research experts agree is fortune hovered around four point three trillion dollars. On top of the wealth his position as Emperor brought much of his fortune came from inheritance.

    He inherited 75% of julius caesar’s wealth and well no one knows exactly how much that is julius was known to have left three hundred sesterces to every Roman citizen upon his death.

    At the time three hundred sesterces was worth for months wages and that barely put a dent in his finances but it wasn’t just Julius who gave Augustus money, several wealthy families were known to leave part of their estate to the Emperor hoping it would bring political safety to their own children.

    During his 40-year affluent reign he doubles the size of the Roman Empire he founded a standing army police and fire services a courier system and roads effectively bringing Rome into the modern age.

    During his life he lived in a palace now known as the house of augustus. The house of Augustus featured entire rooms dedicated to art and weapons mosaics were said to cover every floor and frescos were sent to cover every wall upon his death.

    One of the last recorded things he said was “I found Rome of clay I leave it to you of marble” indeed his rule assured in a 200year era of peace and prosperity in the empire.

    2. Shezong of Song

    The runner-up for the most wealthy person in history is also one of the most mysterious on our list emperor Shezong of Song reigned from 1067 to 1085.

    Lucky for him this was during an extremely affluent and prosperous era of China, they were the top makers of bronze WA in the world and farmers were granted the rights to own their own property.

    The production of rice skyrocketed and became a staple of the economy making them a commercial superpower in addition to this gunpowder printing and magnetic compasses were invented during this time.

    The Song Dynasty was able to create the world’s first paper money and also formed the world’s first Navy.

    The Navy allowed them to defend their trade routes which protected their products

    With all this innovation emperor Shenzhen controlled 30 percent of the global GDP and with a highly centralized economy Shi song had immense control over the money.

    His wealth has been called immeasurable experts know it is trillions of dollars but it’s hard to pin down an exact amount.

    Much of his financial status is attributed to the fact that he formed an increased tax collection hundreds of years ahead of European governments.

    But even with his wealth Shezong was known for being fairly giving. He is viewed as a forerunner of the modern welfare system his policies actively improved those situations of the unemployed homeless and the peasants.

    1. Mansa Musa

    The most wealthy person in the history of the world maybe someone you’ve never heard of but after this you won’t forget him.

    Mansa Musa controlled of fortune so vast so extravagant that modern historians cannot even fathom how much he truly had.

    He rode across Africa on zebras carrying thousands of pounds of gold and that was the equivalent of spare change to him.

    He became the ruler of the Mali Empire in the early 1300s when his predecessor went missing trying to find the end of the Atlantic Ocean.

    It’s too bad his predecessor couldn’t just stick to land because he would have had a pretty incredible life during Mansa Musa’s rule.

    Europe was struggling immensely things like the Great Famine, civil war and a fun little thing called black death brought all the kingdoms of Europe to its knees.

    But Molly Molly was doing fantastic, it was the world’s largest producers of gold and salt which were the two most important products at the time.

    Mansah Musa conquered 24 cities and their surrounding districts within the first few years of his rule yet he remained distant from the rest of the world even in Egypt in the Middle East little was known about him.

    But that all changed when Mensah Musa began his journey to Mecca as a Muslim the pilgrimage was an important part of his religion but when you have that kind of money don’t exactly have to rough it.

    His voyage to Mecca covered 4,000 miles and he didn’t go at it alone, he brought tens of thousands of soldiers, slaves and heralds every single person wore Persian silk and carried gold staffs.

    The camels and horses carried hundreds of pounds of gold there were at least 80 camels that carry between 50 to 300 pounds each as he journeyed through Africa he was a spectacle for all to see.

    He often spent frivolously in cities and even gave gold as gifts upon a hearing, he was approaching Cairo el Nasir the Sultan ordered him to visit his palace Mansa Musa refused.

    But finally agreed to go upon illnesses constant insistence there was a moment of tension with Mansa Musa refused to kiss illness.

    His feet which was a common gesture of respect at the time he eventually conceded and Alshe offered him lodging for the nigh, this time in Cairo was one few could forget but by the time he laughed the streets were covered in gold and the people were basking in the fortune he had given them.

    But unfortunately giving the fortune became a problem his gifts depreciated the value of metal and it would take 12 years for the city of Cairo Medina and Mecca to financially recover.

    It is said on his long journey to Mecca that he founded a mosque being built every single Friday upon arriving in Mecca he turned himself to his religion and studies for days.

    At a time when he returned home he got to working on building palaces, mosques and universities throughout his empire.

    He created Sankore Madrasa a leading center and university. The university housed 1million manuscripts rivaling even that of the Library of Alexandria.

    Unfortunately soon after Mansa Musa’s death the Empire of Mali began to fall a constant Civil War began to weaken the country and its ability to trade.

    It began to diminish, by the 1600s Mali was being invaded by European cities to exploit its resources and the rest is history.

    So there you have it the ten wealthiest people in the history.

    Do you think Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos will pass them let me know in the comment section down below. If you enjoyed this article make sure to leave a like and follow this blog for more posts like this one.

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